Nancy Drew (2019 TV series)

How does Nancy Drew have the bandwidth for another mystery? The Drew Crew is about to find out just how much the titular redheaded teen sleuth can handle in season 2.

Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) is back for even more intrigue in the first trailer for the new season, even though she and her friends are still reeling from seeing visions of their own impending deaths via portents because they didn't pay the toll to the Aglaeca spirit. They all thought Owen's (Miles Gaston Villanueva) death was the Aglaeca curse coming to claim its victim, but it turned out he was murdered by an ordinary human, so the deadly consequences have yet to come to pass. And based on the new season 2 footage above, the Aglaeca is coming for them all now, in horrific ways.

"There is a lot more to come in the premiere of season 2," showrunner Noga Landau previously told EW about the Aglaeca curse. "[The] very cool Aglaeca-related [season 1] ending makes us really up the stakes for what's about to happen as a consequence of them not paying the toll."

And showrunner Melinda Hsu Taylor told EW that "the question of season 2 is how much of your fate has been set in motion before you have any kind of hand in it and how much of it can be changed through free will?"

Nancy Drew season 2 premieres Wednesday, Jan. 20, on the CW. Watch the new trailer above.

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Nancy Drew (2019 TV series)

The CW updates the iconic teen sleuth for 2019, making Nancy (Kenney McMann) flawed and real in this supernatural thriller.

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