The comedian tells EW this baking fail was "not funny to the person who had to eat it."
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Comedian Nicole Byer is aware of how much of a morbidly perfect time it is for Nailed It to come back.

The Netflix reality competition host noticed an uptick the last couple weeks, while people are in quarantine from coronavirus, of her being tagged in baking fails “because we're all trying to flatten the curve so we don't all die!”

She adds that “people have been tweeting at me being like, ‘Can we get [season 4] now? We're all inside. When do we get to see it?" Byer tells EW. “And I'm like, ‘April 1,’ which is a funny date to say because it's like, is it an April Fool's joke? I mean, I hope not. That'd be so rude.”

While it’s true that Nailed It really is returning April 1, something of particularly bad taste (that is sadly not a joke) is the secret ingredient in one contestant’s cake from this exclusive clip below from the new episodes.

Though the clip may cause a spit-take with audiences, Jim’s sputtering blunder was no laughing matter for judges Byer and elite pastry chef Jacques Torres. “I did not appreciate that that person was like, ‘Yeah, there's saliva in the cake.’ Yeah, I mean, sure, funny to other people, but not funny to the person who had to eat it,” Byer laments.

“Honestly, I would probably go back and re-edit it because of the current situation we're in,” adds Byer. “That's how [COVID-19] spreads! It's gonna be a really fun reminder when people watch it.”

But there are happier things to look out for in season 4  of Nailed It, too. “The judges this season are so much fun," Byer exclaims. "We have Fortune Feimster, who I am obsessed with. She's so funny. She's so sweet. She's so kind. Also Adam Scott, he's so great and wonderful. I love him. And then Gabby Douglas is also a judge, which is super cool.”

Some baking highlights include a donut trapped under a pool of hardened chocolate that Byer describes as “a science experiment. It was so wild to put in my mouth, and it looked very funny.” Plus, a contestant named Larry makes a lemur cake the host describes as “honestly my favorite thing I've ever seen in my whole life. I don't think I've laughed harder at a thing that someone has made than what this man made.”

In Season 4, contestants still forget to grease their cake pans, or follow the recipes to the tee, but the biggest new mistake contestants make in these coming episodes is overdosing on flavor. “The amount of extract that people put in is disgusting. I don't know what they're told about it, but every cake that has extract is wholeheartedly disgusting. And the recipes this season, I don't know, they—everything this season was trash!”

As so many things change, it's nice to know the sweet chaos of  Nailed It contestants failing to execute elite baking recipes remains the same. “Nobody has learned to bake," jokes Byer. "I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that.”

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