The cast of My So-Called Life had a sweet virtual reunion while quarantined, although there was one face noticeably missing.

"So...This happened the other night," Wilson Cruz, who played Rickie Vasquez on the teen drama, wrote on his Twitter with a photo of the cast doing a Zoom meeting. "Most of the #MySoCalledLife cast was available for what turned out to be a very comforting, sweet, heartfelt and overdue reunion. We all have such love for each other, even 26 years later. It was overwhelming to see all of those faces together."

Cruz was joined by Claire Danes (who played Angela Chase), Bess Armstrong (Angela's mom, Patty), Devon Odessa (Angela's former bestie, Sharon), Tom Irwin (Angela's dad, Graham), Mary Kay Place (Sharon's mom, Camille), Devon Gummersall (Brian Krakow), A.J. Langer (cool-girl Rayanne), creator Winnie Holzman and her husband Paul Dooley (Angela's grandpa Chuck).

But, in a move true to the spirit of his character Jordan Catalano, Jared Leto was not among the familiar faces. Perhaps his invite got lost while he was taking part in his 12-day "silent meditation in the desert" in March.

ABC's "My So Called Life"
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The iconic '90s show, which followed an angsty teen girl (Danes), the grunge heartthrob she had a crush on (Leto), and their friends, made stars of its leading actors. The show was canceled after a single season and famously ended on a cliffhanger, but became a cultural touchstone for teens of the era, with some going so far as to label those caught in between the generation of Millennials and Gen Xers with a moniker based on Leto's character: Generation Catalano.

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