Everybody wants to know the secret to lasting love. The new Netflix docuseries My Love might just hold the key — and EW has an exclusive look at the first trailer.

Expanded from Korean director Jin Moyoung's celebrated documentary My Love, Don't Cross That River, the series follows six couples around the world over the course of a year. Hailing from Korea, Brazil, Japan, India, Spain, and the U.S., the couples have been together anywhere from 42 to 60 years and share their stories, as well as the foundations of their long-lasting relationships.

Each of the couples were followed by a local filmmaker, and the trailer showcases the tenderness, care, and humor that makes their love thrive.

Jin tells EW that Netflix approached him about turning his documentary into a broader series. "I was very excited to take the theme of love, to expand it into stories in various countries and connect with audiences around the world," he says. "I don't think it's easy to create an international original documentary series with a theme interpreted in a way that is contemplative and may not be as dramatic, but Netflix saw the power of deeply moving and fun love stories of elderly couples."

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jin wasn't able to meet any of the local directors or couples in person, as all the filming was conducted in their home countries. Showrunner Xan Aranda reviewed hundreds of films to create a short list of candidates for the six directors featured, and Jin helped make the final choices. It was then left to the directors to interview elderly couples to choose the subjects for the series.

"They interviewed elderly couples who knew how to express their love for each other, and we had discussions to decide which couples to feature in the series whose stories were in the same spirit with the original film," Jin says. "As the directors fully understood what the theme and mood of the series should be, I respected and supported their choices. In the end, we had this group of lovely and interesting couples who are so unique in their own ways and universal at the same time."

For those familiar with When Harry Met Sally, the couples featured here might remind them of the vignettes with elderly couples sharing their love stories as a narrative framing device. Though Jin says he's seen the film, he credits another piece of cinema with inspiring his original documentary: Michael Haneke's Amour, from 2012.

"Old age and a disease disrupt the calm of the happy life of the elderly couple in the story and threaten to gradually destroy their dignity piece by piece, but they love and take care of each other until the very end and never lose their dignity," he reflects. "I wanted to adopt Amour's objective and quiet gaze into the couple's life as a recorder for my documentary film. The titles are also similar in that Amour means love and my film is called My Love, Don't Cross That River, although the title of my film is taken from one of the oldest poems in Korean literature."

My Love hits Netflix April 13. See exclusive images from the series and episode descriptions below.

Episode 1: Brazil

My Love; Six Stories of Love
Nicinha and Jurema in 'My Love'
| Credit: Netflix

Directed by Carolina Sá

Jurema and Nicinha met as teens in Rio de Janeiro's Favela da Rocinha. Together 43 years, and now both mothers and grandmothers, the couple travel between the city and the house they're building in the countryside while juggling childcare, work, and visits to the local health clinic.

Episode 2: India

My Love; Six Stories of Love
Satyabhama and Satva in 'My Love'
| Credit: Netflix

Directed by Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa

Maharashtra farmers Satyabhama and Satva didn't meet before their wedding 42 years ago. Now, the couple cares for their cotton farm, their grandchildren, their own aging parents, and most importantly each other while their sons are away working in a sugarcane factory. 

Episode 3: Japan

My Love; Six Stories of Love
Kinuko and Haruhei in 'My Love'
| Credit: Netflix

Directed by Hikaru Toda

When Haruhei was forcibly hospitalized for his leprosy as a preteen, it was hospital staffer Kinuko who inspired him to leave — so he could marry her. Together for 49 years, the Kawasaki-based couple spends their time advocating for victims of Japan's discriminatory leprosy policy, gardening, and weathering health scares together. 

Episode 4: Korea

My Love; Six Stories of Love
Saengja and Yeongsam in 'My Love'
| Credit: Netflix

Directed by Jin Moyoung

Saengja and Yeongsam, together 49 years, throw themselves into their work as abalone farmers on the Korean island of Bogildo. For Saengja, it's a way to take her mind off the loss of their eldest son more than a decade prior, but it might be taking too high a toll on her body.

Episode 5: Spain 

My Love; Six Stories of Love
Nati and Augusto in 'My Love'
| Credit: NETFLIX

Directed by Chico Pereira

Nati and Augusto live in the close-knit mountain village Marchenica, Spain, where they grow almonds and olives, bake bread, and guard against wild boars with their neighbors. As their lives begin to slow down, Augusto takes Nati to the beach for the first time before a life-changing event.

Episode 6: USA

My Love; Six Stories of Love
Ginger and David in 'My Love'
| Credit: Netflix

Directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon

David and Ginger are the former proprietors of Williston, Vermont's Isham Family Farm, in the family since 1871. Now that they've passed the business on to their eldest son, they're budgeting for future care, finalizing their wills, and spending quality time with their children and grandchildren as their 60th wedding anniversary approaches.

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