Disney+ has decided it's finally time to play the music and light the lights on its new Muppets original series.

The streaming service announced Wednesday that everyone's favorite felt frog, wisecracking bear, and karate-chopping pig are getting their own limited streaming series Muppets Now, launching July 31. Disney first teased the show last year during its D23 Expo, but now we have a few more details about what the series will actually look like: six unscripted episodes, following Scooter as he rushes to round up the Muppets and ready them to upload their first streaming show. As is the Muppet way, there will be plenty of celebrity guest stars, as well as many obstacles and distractions standing in their way (presumably including explosions, wayward chickens, and boomerang fish).

Muppets Now
Credit: Disney Plus

Muppets Now is Disney's first new use of Jim Henson's iconic characters since the short-lived ABC mockumentary The Muppets was canceled in 2016. There were rumored plans for a scripted comedy on Disney+, co-created by Josh Gad, but that project was scrapped last year.

Muppets Now is only a half-dozen episodes, but hopefully that opens the door for more original Muppet stories — or at least convinces Disney to finally make the original '70s Muppet Show available to stream. (Please?)

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