Muppet Babies

When the Muppet Babies reboot debuted on Disney Junior in 2018, the new show filled its nursery with plenty of familiar faces. Toddler versions of Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal were all there, joined by a new penguin classmate named Summer. But two staples from the original '80s show were missing: Scooter and his twin sister Skeeter. And before long, headlines began to swirl around the internet, demanding justice for the tiny, orange-haired twins.

Now, order has been restored in the playroom: EW has an exclusive first look at the return of Scooter and Skeeter, who'll be making their reboot debut May 22. In this clip from the upcoming episode, Miss Nanny (voiced by Jenny Slate) introduces the babies to their two new bespectacled peers.

Muppet Babies
Credit: Disney Junior

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Scooter, of course, is a core Muppet member and the stage manager for the original Muppet Show, while his tomboy sister Skeeter was a Muppet Babies original, first created as a female foil to baby Piggy. She's also the rare Muppet who's never been rendered in puppet form, only in animation, and she's been absent from every Muppets project since. So her return to the Muppet Babies playroom is long-overdue justice.

Muppet Babies: They really do make dreams come true!

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Muppet Babies
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