Relive Zac Efron's fake arrest and 50 cent's backyard helicopter.

To help you get through life in lockdown, MTV has started throwing it back to classic 2000s programming and dropping full episodes of fan-favorite shows on the MTV Vault Youtube channel.

Episodes will include memorable installments of Cribs, My Super Sweet 16, Parental Control, Punk’d, Room Raiders, and Silent Library. Cribs content will drop Mondays and Fridays, Silent Library on Tuesdays, Punk’d on Wednesdays, and Parental Control on Thursdays.

MTV Vault
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Among the episodes that have already been made available are 50 Cent's 2007 Cribs appearance (below), in which he shows off his 19-bedroom, 34-bath mansion in Massachusetts, and Zac Efron's 2012 Punk'd adventure, in which the actor thinks he's being arrested for a hit-and-run. Episodes due next week include Tony Hawk and JoJo on Cribs, Asher Roth on Silent Library (the competition show where contestants lose money if they make too much noise fulfilling challenges in a library), and Jessica Alba and Wilmer Valderrama on Punk'd.

These MTV episodes bring us back to a golden age of reality content for the Viacom-owned brand, a nostalgic era that started with Cribs in 2000 and peaked with Jersey Shore (2009-2012). Shows like Nick Cannon's roast fest Wild N' Out (launched in 2005), and the Heidi-and-Spencer-led The Hills (2006-2020) were also born (sorry, Lauren Conrad). It was a time when tabloid stars were the 2000s version of influencers, and predecessors to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians juggernaut.

Punk'd was recently revived on the new streaming service Quibi, now hosted by Chance the Rapper.

MTV's decision to bring back old episodes comes at a time when quarantine marathons have become a common way to pass time. Other examples include South Park, Jersey Shore, Chappelle’s Show, Battlestar Galactica, and Xena: Warrior Princess. And there will certainly be more where that came from.

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