By James Hibberd
June 09, 2020 at 01:46 PM EDT

MTV is severing ties with one of the current stars of MTV's The Challenge.

On Monday, the network wrote that Dee Nguyen made offensive comments on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement.

"As a result of Dee Nguyen’s offensive comments on the Black Lives Matter movement, we have severed ties with her," the statement read. "Out of respect for our Challengers, we'll air our season as planned. We strongly condemn systemic racism and stand with those raising their voices against injustice."

Nguyen, 27, was initially criticized by a follower after participating in the Blackout Tuesday movement, and then she tried to defend her sincerity by reportedly writing in tweets: "People die every f---ing day. U don’t know me or what I do" and "IDK why some of you think I’m anti-BLM. I’ve been saying that since the day I lost my virginity." The tweets were later deleted.

Her comment was slammed by fans and costars, including Bayleigh Dayton, who said she was "disgusted and disappointed" by the comments.

Credit: Riccardo Giardina/MTV

Fellow contestant Tula “Big T” Fazakerley likewise criticized Nguyen. "She said she was ‘blacker’ than me because I didn’t know the name of a musician and because she hadn’t seen me fight and be aggressive,” Fazakerley claimed in an shared in a recent Instagram Story. “I felt like she was trying to make me fit her idea of a ‘stereotype.'"

As criticism mounted, Nguyen initially tried to claim that she was the victim. "What some of your ‘faves’ are doing is creating a cancel culture on my colleagues," she wrote. "Don’t fall for it or buy into it."

On Sunday, Nguyen apologized on Twitter: "I am sorry for the insensitive tweet I posted earlier. I was being defensive and not speaking from my heart. But there’s no excuse. I also want to extend an apology to Bayleigh and Swaggy -- who are my cast mates and deserve my respect and compassion."

Nguyen was part of the winning team for War of the Worlds 2 and is on the current season of the MTV series.


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