The comedian also dishes exclusively about his characters' big love connection this season.

By Rosy Cordero
June 10, 2020 at 01:00 PM EDT

Class is back in session for Woodrow Wilson High School on Mr. Iglesias, and EW has your exclusive first look at where the school year picks up after Christmas break.

Some things are still the same, like series star Gabriel Iglesias — who plays a high school teacher of the same name — is still wearing shorts which continues to completely annoy Carlos (The Office star Oscar Nuñez). But what has changed for Mr. Iglesias this season, known officially by Netflix as Part 2, is that he'll find love in the halls of his alma mater.

Iglesias teases what fans can expect for the new season including all the overtime put in by cupid, as well as what comedian will pop in when the show debuts on June 17.

"The young actors are really amazing and so professional on and off the show," Iglesias tells EW. "Mr. Iglesias works hard every day to show his students that they are worthy of the best in this world. He learns that he is also deserving of the same due to his selfless dedication to them. The students learn that Mr. Iglesias is capable of the ultimate sacrifice when they see him giving up what’s most precious to him so they can have another small win in their complicated lives."

He adds, "Part two really starts to showcase all the awesome guest stars we will be featuring throughout the season. For example, we will have the amazing Jo Koy in all his splendor! It was so fun interacting with him and seeing what he could bring to the show. We also start to dive into all the future romantic relationships on the show, all the way from the kids to the adults."

Iglesias' love interest is school guidance counselor Jackie Ontiveros, played by Elora Casados, who worked behind-the-scenes on Mr. Iglesias in the show's debut season. And it seems like the teacher will owe principal Paula Madison (Sherri Shepherd) big for the love connection.


"Elora plays Jackie Ontiveros on the show who is the school’s new brassy, whip-smart guidance counselor," he explains. "We actually meet in a very unconventional way and through the meddling of a certain principal."

"Part 2 of Mr. Iglesias features a real-life Cinderella story," added executive producers Kevin Hench and Peter Murrieta of Casados' casting. Elora Casados worked in the show’s costume department and she won the role of Gabe’s love interest with a stunning audition that left the producers in awe (and in tears).

And as the topic of diversity in Hollywood is again at center stage, Iglesias is proud of what the comedy brings to the conversation.

"The show wants to use our voices to stand-up for justice and use our ability as storytellers to highlight stories and characters that truly reflect the world around us," the comedian explains. "Mr. Iglesias is a reflection of our current society filled with characters of different ethnicities and backgrounds that come together through humor to share their cultures and perspectives. Above all, it stands for the proposition that every student is a human being, not a statistic, and with some genuine concern, time, and resources we can help these kids reach their full potential."

Other returning cast includes Jacob Vargas, Maggie Geha, Richard Gant, Cree Cicchino, and Fabrizio Guido.

Watch the trailer for Part 2 of Mr. Iglesias above.

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