Hall of Famers candidly break down All-Stars 5, share winner predictions, tackle demonic possession, and debut their To Wong Foo-inspired photoshoot tribute to RuPaul.
Monét X Change + Trinity The Tuck
Credit: Leo Llanos

In early 2019, RuPaul SAID "two girls, one crown," and soaking up the reign of superstar queens Monét X Change and Trinity The Tuck has been a royal experience ever since. As the All-Stars 4 champions prepare to pass the tiara to the next Drag Race Hall of Fame inductee on the upcoming All-Stars 5 finale, the sisters-in-excellence had a candid chat with EW about their brutally honest opinions on demonic possession, the current all-star cast's collective performance, who should snatch the crown, and reclaiming the narrative about their infamous All-Stars 4 tie with an adorable photoshoot inspired by Beeban Kidron's 1995 dragtastic film To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar — all in tribute to Mama Ru herself.

Read on for the full Q&A, and be sure to tune in to the RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 5 grand finale this Friday at 8:00 p.m. on VH1.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Trinity, have you exorcised the ghost from the mirror in your f—ing house?

TRINITY THE TUCK: I ordered sage on Amazon and have since saged the entire house…. We have this shaving mirror in my shower and it’s electric. We haven’t charged it in months, and the bitch turned on at exactly 3:00 in the morning the other night.... We ended up putting the mirror outside on our patio and left it there. I threw it away the next morning.

Monét, did you put a curse on this mirror?

MONÉT X CHANGE: I would never! [Laughs].

It’s the ghost of Robbie Turner’s Uber driver haunting it, then.

MONÉT: Picture me over a cauldron like Ursula [Monét chants in gibberish].

Not that demonic possession isn’t serious, but before we discuss All-Stars 5, tell me why you did this photoshoot dedicated to RuPaul and To Wong Foo!

TRINITY: We did the photoshoot in New York for DragCon. We decided to do this because when we won the fans made all of those To Wong Foo memes a huge deal, so we felt like this took back the power of people making fun of the double win. We made it our own!

MONÉT: To Wong Foo is a staple in the gay lexicon. A lot of us came of age or defined drag by To Wong Foo. Trinity and I have done many interviews about our feelings on the [tie], but this is us taking back that power and being in on the joke. Yeah, you’re making fun of it, but we both won and you’re comparing us to this iconic moment in gay pop culture. We'll do a photoshoot about it, reclaim it, and make it fierce.

Monét X Change + Trinity The Tuck
Credit: Leo Llanos

Ahead of the All-Stars 5 finale, fans are now saying they actually want to see a tie. It’s a weird turning of tables. How do you feel about that?

MONÉT: Our tie moment is going to be the only one ever, so, hop off of our s—. It’s our thing!

TRINITY: I don’t think they’ll do another one. I don’t think that All-Stars 5 deserves a tie. To me, there’s a clear winner.


TRINITY: I have to root for my season 9 sister, Shea. I thought she was going to win our season, and she slayed this season. She's the most regal, commanding, and the best speaker for Drag Race.

MONÉT: Shea is at the forefront and seems like the winner. I’m also rooting for Miz Cracker. She’s my sister and did a good job. I just feel like, when you look at Shea, she is the crowned queen. It’s a feeling you get. The vibes are coming from inside the house, and it’s Shea.

It’s weird to see how fans have reacted to Cracker this season...

MONÉT: It’s so crazy!

People loved Cracker before this, and that one moment with Ongina on episode 2 seemed to completely flip that. Were you surprised?

MONÉT: I’m a bit frustrated because I don’t think [younger fans] understand the nuances of a story arc. Cracker clearly had an arc as someone who was, at the beginning, pitted as a villain, but at the end she’s doing well and won two challenges in a row, so people [should] have a more informed view. Some are like, "She was the villain in episodes 1 and 2 and that’s it, she’s just a mean girl and I hate her!" They can’t see past it. It’s frustrating. But, I think all of the confidence and a little bit of delusion that Blair St. Clair has found over the past two years, Cracker has had the adverse effect. She’s found more self-doubt, which is weird because she’s a good drag queen and she’s fierce, but she’s letting a lot of that seep into her productivity. It’s strange to me that she’s not standing in her power of being a fierce queen.

Delusion is the word for Blair!?

MONÉT: I love Blair St. Clair, but that last episode, she was like, "Girl, I’m a threat and these girls know that!" I’m like, bitch, you ain’t win nothing!

TRINITY: She’s feeling the French Vanilla Fantasy!

Monét X Change
Credit: Leo Llanos

Monét, you said on The Pit Stop that Jujubee finally looked expensive on All-Stars. What do you have against Miss Jujubee’s closet?

MONÉT: When I started watching season 2, I was in love with Jujubee. She is the fiercest thing since f------ sliced bread. I love her, I just don’t think that, with the exception of the prom runway and this past one, I don’t think her fashion has aged as well as Jujubee the character, the funny person, and the drag queen. Next to what Shea and Blair put on the runway, it didn't match up. This last look was fierce, it was so fashion, the makeup was cool, she looked super deluxe and expensive.

TRINITY: There's a level of expectation you have to have for yourself going into All-Stars because you’re competing against other queens who've already been on the show, who know what’s going to happen, and you have to step your p---- up.... Most of her fashions were kind of stepped-back like when she was on the show before, not up to par. Her last one was one of the best looks of the season.

Who had the best overall fashion?

MONÉT: Shea Couleé!

TRINITY: Shea was hands-down the best on the runway.

MONÉT: There’s only one Shea runway I didn’t like, and that was the butterfly thing…. Girl, that was not a butterfly, that was a booger!

TRINITY: I actually liked the final reveal of the airbrushed costume…. it looked creative, like something from Skin Wars. Cracker had some great moments. Juju's last runway was incredible. Blair had some amazing stuff. But, girl, ain’t nobody touching All-Stars 4!

Who went home too early?

MONÉT: Alexis! She should’ve made the top four. The episode she got eliminated, I think Alexis was doing better than her in that point, but Blair did really bad on the runway…. I feel like the girls [thought] Alexis was in the bottom, maybe she'd do well in the next episode and send them home. Alexis is funny, as we saw in the Snatch Game, so she probably would’ve done well in the stand-up challenge, so they thought this was their chance to send her home because she might come back, win, and send f—ing Shea home, which she’s been trying to do since episode 3!

TRINITY: Someone I would’ve loved to have seen more from is Ongina. I love her drag.... But I think Alexis deserved to stay.

The queens have been so entertaining this season. India turned heads by accusing Alexis of campaigning against Shea, which Alexis denied. Who's lying?

TRINITY: I don’t know! I’ve worked with both girls and I like both girls. I don’t know who to believe, because India has always come across as very genuine, and Alexis is, on TV, exactly how she is in person. There’s probably some truth to both.

Trinity The Tuck
Credit: Leo Llanos

MONÉT: Because she was so adamant when she got eliminated and looked Shea straight in the eye and told her she was telling the truth, I believed India, but then I saw an interview where she [seemed to alter her story], I gave more side-eye. I think Alexis had the conversation, but I don’t think it was as grave as India made it seem.

Shea was also open about the pain of losing to Sasha Velour. Trinity, can you give me an idea of how deep that pain was and what it was like watching Shea go through that on season 9?

TRINITY: Shea and I aren’t best friends, but we were close on season 9, and afterward she revealed she went through a depression where she wouldn’t leave her house. Fans were mean and constantly sent her rose petal emojis. It’s devastating to think, going into the finale, that in previous seasons, girls who did the best in the season won, and to have that all change at the last second where your fate is based off a lip-sync, it’s a mind twist. I know it was difficult for her.

Monét, you returned to AS5 as a lip-sync assassin against Jujubee, who won every prior lip-sync she’s done. Not discrediting your talent, because your lip-syncs are incredible, but fans speculated Jujubee wasn’t pushing as hard as she could’ve to avoid eliminating a queen. Did you feel that energy on the stage?

MONÉT: Jujubee is a very smart girl. I don’t think she’s going to sacrifice $20,000 to spare Mariah’s feelings. If she did, she’s not as smart as I thought she was! Jujubee just didn’t feel the song as much as I did. That was a big challenge, they had a lot going on, so I think maybe she couldn’t [prepare] as much as she wanted to. I get it!

What did it feel like pulling Mariah’s lipstick?

MONÉT: I had all the power with none of the responsibility. It was phenomenal! I wanted to do it every week!

Trinity, where were you? People kept guessing you'd be back!

TRINITY: They did ask me, but I was in Europe touring my Plastic album.... I tried to figure out a way to come back, but there was no way for me to take four days off of that tour to film a lip-sync. I’d love to do it in the future!

What are you both most proud of for accomplishing during your reign?

TRINITY: My biggest, proudest moment was buying my house! We didn’t have much [growing up], and that’s been a life goal.

MONÉT: Mine is definitely The X Change Rate. I’m doing the thing I really love! I’m so proud of the stuff Trinity and I have done throughout the year. With this one, people instantly wanted to pit us against each other, but we’re both thriving and doing our own thing.... including [Trinity's winner photo series]. Girl, I can barely get a T-shirt and jeans to wear for my show, and she’s curated, crafted, and made these looks…. We’ve proven that you don’t have to pit queer people against each other. For what? To feed your stupid Reddit threads and to make Twitter drama for no reason? We adore and love each other.

TRINITY: You have two [queer people] from a community that has so much adversity against it, and we’re celebrated. You have a black person and a white person shown as equals, which is how it should be. That’s a huge message to the world in spite of our government right now and in spite of these stupid racists. This show has shown true equality…. It means something to these kids watching the show!

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