He knows nothing… of love.

Imagine if you met the girl of your dreams on a train, agreed to meet up two weeks later without exchanging numbers, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

That's exactly the conundrum facing Kit Harington in season 2 of Amazon's Modern Love, with Lucy Boynton playing the aforementioned dream girl. They're just one of eight love stories featured in the show's new episodes, and now you can check out the first trailer.

Premiering Aug. 13, season 2 is again based on real Modern Love columns from the New York Times. The trailer showcases Harington and Boynton as well as the bevy of other romances, including Tobias Menzies as a man falling back in love with his ex-wife, played by Sophie Okonedo, and Garrett Hedlund looking very bereft about, well, something.

It's more impossibly beautiful people going through the trials and tribulations of all forms of love in impossibly beautiful locales.

"Sometimes I'm reading the New York Times and it's like I can't handle any more bad news, and 'Modern Love' is often a very nice, very welcome antidote to that," series creator John Carney previously told EW. "I think the TV show maintains that, and we develop that even further… Sometimes you're super-saturated with the bad, and need to remind yourself of humanity. And of connectivity and of real people in real situations — and not on screens, but actually together. I hope that the show goes a tiny way to replicating that."

Watch the new trailer above, and check out this EW exclusive for more on the stories at the heart of season 2.

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