Over the course of America's Next Top Model's 24 seasons, Tyra Banks has taught aspiring models how to pose, booty tooch, and smize their way to the top. Miss J Alexander, who coached the contestants and served on the show's panel of judges, stopped by Entertainment Weekly’s Quick Binge to share why you should be watching America’s Next Top Model.

“You want to have a lot of valuable information, humor, how to walk, how to pose, how to smize,” he says. “Just watch my episodes when I’m judging or coaching the girls on walking the runway. That will get you hooked forever, trust me.”

The iconic modeling competition launched the careers of several popular models and actors. Some of the former contestants who have found success include deaf actor and activist Nyle DiMarco, who won cycle 22; Jamaican-Canadian model and advocate for people with the skin condition vitiligo, Winnie Harlow, from cycle 21; and model and activist Ebonee Davis from cycle 18.

Watch the full video above to hear Miss J Alexander’s thoughts on why it's never too late to start watching America’s Next Top Model.

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