"What she brings to the show is just thrilling," says showrunner Jeremy Carver.

Doom Patrol is about to get timey-wimey. When season 3 of the surreal superhero show premieres Sept. 23 on HBO Max, a time machine will deliver a new character into the mix: Madame Rouge, played by Michelle Gomez. Ahead of the premiere, you can check out exclusive preview images below.

In DC comics, Madame Rouge was traditionally an adversary of the Doom Patrol as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. Gomez knows a bit about both time travel and villainy, having previously portrayed the Master on Doctor Who, but morality is not black-and-white on Doom Patrol.

"When I was talking to her about the part, I was trying to explain to her that in our eyes the Madame Rouge of Doom Patrol is much like the other characters in that you can't quite pin them as good or bad," showrunner Jeremy Carver tells EW. "They've all done things they're ashamed of, but that doesn't necessarily make them bad people. This wrestling with 'Am I good or bad?' is really at the heart of Michelle's character arc this season, and she wrings more out of a line in terms of finding comedy or pathos than just about anybody. I think what she brings to the show is just thrilling."

Doom Patrol
Michelle Gomez, Joivan Wade, and April Bowlby on 'Doom Patrol'
| Credit: Bob Mahoney/HBO Max
Doom Patrol
Michelle Gomez on 'Doom Patrol'
| Credit: Bob Mahoney/HBO Max

Though much of what happened in Doom Patrol's first two seasons was based on the '80s comics written by Grant Morrison, season 3 looks to be pulling more from the franchise's older history. Madame Rouge's Brotherhood of Evil compatriots the Brain and Monsieur Mallah were briefly glimpsed in the recent season 3 trailer. All three characters were introduced by original Doom Patrol creator Arnold Drake in the '60s.

Madame Rouge actually has shapeshifting powers somewhat similar to Rita (April Bowlby), but don't tell her that.

"It's frankly a funny path of self-discovery because when she comes to be with the Doom Patrol, she's completely forgotten who she is and what her powers are," Carver says. "So watching her rediscover what she can do is hopefully a lot of fun and a little silly. She's just been nothing short of amazing for us this year."

Watch out for Madame Rouge when Doom Patrol season 3 premieres on HBO Max next month. Check out those first look photos above.

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