The guys had a wee dram with EW and chatted about their new Scottish travel series.

There's nothing like a wee dram — or three — with pals.

Ahead of the premiere of Scottish travel docuseries Men in Kilts on Starz tonight (Feb. 14), EW decided to share a few drinks with the show's stars — Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish — to hear all about their adventures around the Highlands and beyond.

To kick things off, we sipped on an Isle of Harris Gin and tonic for our first round, while McTavish explained how the travel series — which sees the two former Outlander stars traveling around their homeland in a camper van — came to be. "Sam and I had been talking about this vaguely for a long time and then he rang me and said, 'Why don't we do a podcast about Scotland?' and I pretended to know what podcast was," said the actor who played Dougal MacKenzie on the century-spanning drama. Luckily for McTavish, that idea then developed into the guys using GoPros to film themselves, before they finally landed on having a full crew follow them on their escapades for the Starz series.

Credit: Robert Wilson/Starz

Over the course of eight episodes, the men in kilts sample a bit of everything from delicate Scottish cuisine (no, it's not haggis), ceilidh dancing, and even try their hand at different Highland Games events. "We actually got to touch weapons that had been used in these battles in Culloden and that, for me, was really eye opening and an amazing experience to actually touch the past," said Heughen.

As we got into round two — a pint of Glaswegian beer, Tennent's Lager — the men tipsily reflected on the first time they met. "I was very annoyed that he was an inch taller than me," said McTavish about their original interaction. "Very annoyed. It was of the first things I noticed about him. In seriousness, one of the things I noticed about Sam was how generous and warm he was towards me, made me feel completely at ease." Heughan added: "It was great to meet him, but then, unfortunately, I had to work with him and drive a camper van around Scotland with him."

By the time we were enjoying our third round, — a wee dram of Heughan's Sassenach whisky — the guys were getting pretty candid. "I constantly tried to put Graham in places where he didn't feel that comfortable," said Heughan about some of the risker scenarios the guys found themselves in while shooting Men in Kilts. "Basically, every scenario was to bring Graham closer to his demise." McTavish explained, "The motorbike and sidecar was literally like a tiny metal coffin that I was in as I was being driven around at speed by a man who had barely ever been on a motorbike, let alone driven a motorbike and sidecar — and it was leaking fuel!"

Sounds like we might all need a drink while watching Men in Kilts, which premieres tonight (Feb. 14) on Starz at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch the video above.

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