Are they real friends or just "Hollywood friends"?

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer have known each other for 20 years, or so they say. You might have never known that if you just saw them play a "BFF Showdown" game on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon wanted to test the actresses to see who knew who better. Little did we know the whole segment was meant as a gag and not some terribly awkward situation gone even more wrong.

McCarthy botched the first question: "Where did Octavia go to college?" First, she said Spencer didn't go to school, but then changed it to Ft. Lauderdale University when her bestie said she absolutely did go to school. That, too, was the wrong answer.

It became more clear that this was all for laughs when Spencer then didn't know if McCarthy was married. "What do you mean? Ben!" McCarthy exclaimed of her husband, Ben Falcone. "He's not my cousin."

Fallon tried to keep things afloat but failed horribly when McCarthy and Spencer claimed to not be real friends, just "Hollywood friends." "When the camera stops, we stop," Spencer joked.

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