With her character's job and relationship status left up in the air in the final episode, Good tells EW she wants Camille to "follow her heart."

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the season 1 finale of Harlem.

It's fair to say the first season of Harlem ended with a bang after Meagan Good's Camille filled herself up with enough liquid courage not only to quit her job as a professor at Columbia University, but to also make a last-ditch effort to win back her ex Ian (Tyler Lepley) the night before his wedding.

Good tells EW that after Camille and Ian's kiss in the final moments of the episode, she's still not sure whether they should rekindle their romance immediately, or take time away from each other to do damage control. "What is right? Being true to yourself and being in the moment, or doing what you need to do with the other commitments that you've made?"

Meagan Good and Tyler Lepley on Amazon Prime Video's 'Harlem.'
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Should Harlem return for a second season, the actress anticipates those questions to be answered sooner rather than later, as Ian's fiancé Mira (Rana Roy) caught a glimpse of the former couple in an embrace. "I don't know what [creator] Tracy [Oliver] has planned up her sleeve," says Good, "but I know that it's going to be something that has us, like, 'What?!'"

How might Camille's best friends — Tye (Jerrie Johnson), Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), and Quinn (Grace Byers) — react to the news of her potential reconciliation with Ian? Good says that "some of them are going to be like, 'Girl, what are you doing?' And then other ones are gonna be like, 'You do it girl.' And someone else is going to be like, 'Girl, you're setting yourself up.'"

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However, she notes that the "wonderful thing about having friends that are all uniquely different" is that most of the time, they will offer differing perspectives. Good points out that the Amazon Prime Video comedy portrays true-to-life female friendships: "You have that support across the board. You have people who will keep it real, and sometimes their 'real' may not be what you wanted to hear, but it's good to have all that information, and [then] decide what you're going to do."

If Camille and Ian do end up getting back together, Ian will have his parents to answer to (he and Mira had plans to move into their brownstone). But Good doesn't think Ian's parents will be anything but supportive. "In my heart, and that's because I'm sensitive about Camille, I think that they know that he still loves her, but they are going to support whatever [Ian] decides to do," she says.  "And if that's Mira, great. If it's Camille, great. But as long as he's happy and being true to himself, they're going to be happy for him."

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Of course, by the end of the finale, Camille has unanswered questions that go beyond her relationship status. After her inebriated exit from the Ivy League — which isn't likely to garner any recommendation letters from her superior, Dr. Pruitt (Whoopi Goldberg) — she's also left trying to figure out her future in academia. But Good doesn't think Camille has flamed out just yet.

"She is in a place where she's planned her whole life and she thought she had it all figured out, and now those things are changing," explains the actress. "I want to see her, instead of just going by the book and doing everything the way she thinks it's supposed to be done, for the first time really follow her heart and see what that looks like. And see, is this what she wants to continue to do? Or does she want to do it somewhere different? Or does she want to do something different all together?"

One thing Good is sure of, though, is that Camille is unlikely to cave into pressures to leave the titular New York neighborhood. "Everybody's trying to get Camille to move," she jokes. "Let Camille live."

Meagan Good on Amazon Prime Video's 'Harlem.'
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The entire first season of Harlem is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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