Sarah Bolger, Sulem Calderon, and Richard Cabral also dive into the events from "A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue."

By Rosy Cordero
April 27, 2021 at 11:00 PM EDT

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Tuesday's episode of  Mayans M.C.

Taza's huge secret was finally revealed Tuesday on Mayans M.C., and while being a bisexual biker is a complicated issue, it doesn't excuse all the innocent lives lost as he tried to keep the truth buried.

Raoul Trujillo, the actor who plays Taza, tells EW, "The secret is out, but will it be enough for people to forgive Taza for all that he did?" After all, his character murdered a brother to instigate a war with Los Vatos Malditos just to kill his rival Palo, club president and the man who murdered his own brother David because of his relationship with Taza. "Being gay in this world is a no-no," Trujillo says, "so Taza's true test lies ahead in the season finale, and it's pretty intense."

Natalia Córdova-Buckley and Raoul Trujillo on 'Mayans M.C.'
| Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

The only person Taza can speak to openly is Palo and David's sister Laura (Natalia Córdova-Buckley), who had a secret of her own to share. She confessed that it was she who told Palo about Taza and David's relationship as a young girl, not understanding the ramifications.

"Taza's relationship with David was based on love and wasn't merely a sexual thing," Trujillo says. "Elgin [James, the series' co-creator] and I were always very clear about that. He asked me ahead of the season if I was comfortable with playing a bisexual man, and I told him I was ready to do whatever he needed me to do for the show. Taza and David's love story was born from two hearts that connected. [The writers] wanted to explore this taboo subject [within] biker culture. These are very real elements that exist. We know this could lead to some blowback because these types of things are not to be talked about."

Sarah Bolger on 'Mayans M.C.'
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Speaking of secrets, Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) got an uneven story from his fired housekeeper Maria (Monica Estrada) that both Galindo's wife Emily (Sarah Bolger) and his nemesis/secret brother EZ Reyes (JD Pardo) played a role in his mother Dita's (Ada Maris) death, and he was livid.

"Dita has been causing problems from the beginning, hasn't she? And it hasn't stopped even after her death," Bolger tells EW from her home in Dublin. "The revelation that Miguel gets in this episode isn't truly the truth. There are a lot of things Emily and Dita had beef about so much, which she kept from Miguel, like her secrets about Felipe [Edward James Olmos]. Yes, Emily had met up with EZ a few times, but what he thinks he's learned is unfair."

Fans often wonder how Emily and Miguel met after she split from EZ, and while there's no definitive answer yet, Bolger and Pino have come up with a story of their own.

"We came up with a story during season 1 while sitting together at a coffee shop," she says with a giggle. "We decided that because of the type of work Emily did within the legal world, specifically property law, she potentially helped him make a deal on some property in Santo Padre or Santo Madre. We don't know how they actually met, though, but I'd be interested in seeing that play out in the future."

JD Pardo and Sulem Calderon on 'Mayans M.C.'
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Things continued to be up and down for lovebirds EZ and Gaby (Sulem Calderon), who couldn't even share a peaceful brunch together without drama ensuing. Although Angel's (Clayton Cardenas) heart was in the right place, his speech was truthful about what Gaby's life will be like if she stays in Santo Padre and skips nursing school.

"Gaby remained calm and poised while Angel was speaking because she's had men in her family who act like that. She wasn't fazed at all," Calderon says. "She sees Angel and can feel the pain in his words, even if she's not really sure what's going on with the family. She does begin to understand, however, about EZ's family life from his point of view at that moment."

The pair shared a special moment on a bridge where EZ often retreats, and they found some common ground. But everything fell apart when EZ attacked two men at an ice cream shop who were hurling racist remarks at Gaby. During the melee, EZ hit her in the face by mistake and major damage was done — more so emotionally and mentally than physically.

"When those guys were saying racist things to Gaby, it reminded her about what she went through while crossing the border, so she just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible," Calderon says. "EZ cares about her so he wants to protect her in his own way, which is with violence. That's the first time she sees him in his element, and in that darkness the pieces fall into place for Gaby about who this man really is… When EZ accidentally hits her in the face, Gaby is left in shock. Of course it wasn't intentional, but he caused a lot of damage and heartbreak. He has to decide what he really wants to do with his life because he can't leave Gaby in limbo, especially after all this."

Vanessa Giselle and Richard Cabral on 'Mayans M.C.'
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And for those who were dying to find out Coco's (Richard Cabral) fate, he survived his drug overdose with a renewed will to live. But as he works toward kicking the dangerous habit, he'll have debts to reconcile with the M.C., while Isaac (JR Bourne) is still out there waiting to destroy Coco's life for good.

"Isaac is the devil; without him Coco would still be hurting, but he wouldn't be facing these life-and-death situations," Cabral says. "I'm grateful to share this powerful story through Coco because this is a real issue that is happening right now. A lot of people are suffering from drug addiction, and working on this show has helped me realize just how badly. This season I think we're speaking to society in a deep and meaningful way through our stories. My journey with this character is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I know that it was needed."

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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