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JD Pardo and Clayton Cardenas tease Mayans M.C. season 3 is darker and dives deeper into the psyche of the characters than ever before.

"In season 3, we pick up with EZ dealing with the consequences of his actions with the killing of Dita [Ada Maris] and how that's affected his relationship with his father Felipe [Edward James Olmos]," Pardo tells EW of where viewers will find his character in Tuesday night's long-awaited FX drama's premiere.

Last season, we found out that Felipe had an affair with Dita years prior while the former was married to EZ and Angel's (Cardenas) mother Marisol Reyes. Dita was dumped and left heartbroken by Felipe, who, unbeknownst to him, had fathered a son with her who'd be named Miguel (Danny Pino). Miguel was raised by Galindo Cartel founder Jose Galindo who he still believes is his natural father as the season kicks off.

Dita wrote a suicide note in the season 2 finale then asked one of the Reyes men to kill her, as a way to set things straight in the universe for her involvement in the murder of Marisol.

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"There's been some distance between EZ and his father so EZ finds himself feeling alone on the familial front but he's finding support from his Mayan brothers now that he's a fully patched member. He's finally settling into this new reality and exploring a new relationship with Gaby [Sulem Calderon]," Pardo adds.

And as far as Angel is concerned, Cardenas heads into the season concerned. He lost both the woman that he loves Adelita (Carla Baratta) and their newborn son who's in Lincoln Potter's (Ray McKinnon) custody.

"When we see Angel again, he's dealing with the loss of Adelita and his first born baby. The way he deals with that is by burying himself with multiple women and alcohol," Cardenas shares. "He's fully now immersing himself into the club and at the same time trying to help guide his brother through this whole hierarchy of climbing the ranks of the M.C."

Does this mean Angel has lost hope that he'll be reunited with Adelita and their child?

"He has put that fantasy to bed," Cardenas adds. "He thinks he'll never see her again, quite honestly. I don't think he thinks that she ever wants to see him again because I think she finds out that he had to make the decision between his father or her and he chose his father. And she knows all the backstory on their relationship, too. So I'm sure she feels even more scorn by that, him choosing a man that never loved him after she told [Angel] that she loves him and he still chose [his father]. This father that he hates so much."

"This familiar structure that he wanted and that he had envisioned that could've possibly taken him out of the club, that dream doesn't exist anymore, he continues. "Now he feels like he knows who he is. He's fully intrenched in the M.C., willing to do whatever they want and he's living that lifestyle."

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Gaby is a bright light in EZ's life but he doesn't seem to fully understand yet the dangers she's exposed to by being with him. Although he's now a fully patched member of the M.C., he hasn't really learned how that will affect every facet of his life.

"[The relationship] is refreshing and a new journey for EZ," Pardo explains. "In season 3, he's finally putting his past life behind him now that he's a full-fledged Mayan. He's moving on from the Emily [Sarah Bolger] chapter and he's exploring this relationship with Gaby."

"What's exciting for me is that you're seeing this relationship, this sort of dance, between this man and this woman play out throughout this season," he continues. "It's also a reflection of EZ's romantic idea of love. Because he's a Mayan, he obviously has a lot of stuff going on from prison, from a lot of his choices. There's been this resentment and this regret, this sort of crisis of identity. Who am I really? There are a lot of questions that EZ still has but you get to see now the effort of him trying to move forward."

Series co-creator Elgin James takes the seat at the head of the table this season after Kurt Sutter's departure, which both Pardo and Cardenas say adds a new layer of edgy drama.

"He's very passionate about Mayans and he's a visionary," says Pardo of James. "This is something viewers will notice right away. It's like watching a movie. You'll become even more invested in these characters but also, it's just beautiful to watch. The cinematography is incredible, as are the new stories."

Adds Cardenas, "Everything starts with Elgin's writing. Of course, his visual palette is unmatched on TV so far and you'll see that across this season. But his dialogue, it's so natural and never feels foreign coming off the tongue. It really feels like he is writing specifically for me and for each of the characters. When I feel empowered that comes out in the dialogue and inspires a compelling performance. This season will be unmatched with Elgin James at the helm."

Season 3 of Mayans M.C. premieres on March 16 with a two-episode special debut starting at 10 p.m. ET/PT only on FX.

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