Quarantine makes us all do crazy things. Matthew McConaughey, too.

The Oscar winner adopted a cowboy persona for a coronavirus PSA on how to make masks from scratch at home. Popping over to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, McConaughey introduced the host to "Bobby Bandito."

"He's gotta be a bandit to beat a bandit. He's gotta be a little shady to beat this shady guy," he said with a light Southern drawl. "I was out hiking on our property and came across this guy nailin' a Most Wanted sign into my tree. I said, 'What are you doin' on my property?' He turned around and said, 'I'm Bobby B. You never see me comin'.'"

The PSA, posted to McConaughey's social media pages, sees the True Detective actor becoming a bounty hunter to fight "the Corona V." "I say it's high time we catch this killer, 'cause we got more livin' to do," he says in the video.

McConaughey taught Colbert how to put Bobby B's best practices to good use by making their own bandana masks from home.

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