EW breaks down the clues to prove Yeti on The Masked Singer is Omarion.

The Yeti may be ice cold, but we are hot on his trail.

EW is confident that the last Wildcard standing is R&B star Omarion, and we have the clues to prove them.

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First off, there are some general clues that help our argument. Yeti is on the shorter side, especially next to host Nick Cannon, and Omarion is reported to be 5'6". And that voice — you can't deny Yeti doesn't sound like the former B2K band member.

Now, let's get onto the evidence to make a more concrete case.

Week 6 package

Yeti has fewer clue packages than other contestants, having entered the competition late in the game, but his first clue package proved to be pretty revealing.

The snowy singer enters into an igloo in the beginning of the package. The wintery theme, coupled with his masked persona, connects to Omarion. He had a hit song in 2006 called "Ice Box" and was featured on Rick Ross' track "Ice Cold."

Next, Yeti says he had a "village of warrior women" to shape him into the man he is today. Omarion was raised by his mother, has many siblings including four sisters, and he's close to his grandmother (which was hinted at in a later package), so it's safe to say there was a lot of female influence in his life.

Then, we see two very important images: a bundle of wood and a bunch of berries in a sandwich. Omarion hails from from Inglewood, California, and his last name is Grandberry.

Other items in the segment include a red heart and a rabbit statue. Omarion has made a lot of songs about love and romance, but the heart and bunny could be a specific nod to his appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (rabbit = hop? It kinda works).

Week 7

At the start of the package, the men in black are playing ring toss. And what letter do the rings resemble? O for Omarion (and his debut album O), of course.

Then, Yeti is seen holding the letters ABCD in his hands. They rearrange to spell ABDC, for America's Best Dance Crew, and Omarion once served as a judge on the competition series.

The clip also features a stuffed brown dog and Happy New Year hats. The dog is likely a reference to Bow Wow, and Omarion has worked with the rapper on numerous projects, including their 2007 joint album Face Off. The New Year's hat may allude to his former band B2K, which stands for Boys of the New Millennium.

There's also a reference to a "once in a lifetime role." While Omarion is best known as a singer, he's appeared in numerous onscreen projects. He made his film debut in the hit 2004 dance drama You Got Served alongside his B2K bandmates. That success likely led to additional film and TV roles for Omarion, including The Proud Family Movie and The Bernie Mac Show.

Yeti performing on 'The Masked Singer'
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Week 10

Right away, we can see a stuffed panda in Yeti's third clue package, which is a reference to B2K's 2002 album Pandemonium. Additionally, the abominable showman mentions having kids including a daughter, and Omarion has a son and daughter.

Yeti also mentions that his nana was the first one to hold him when he was born. Last year, Omarion dedicated an Instagram post to his nana, whom he says was the "First Lady to touch me upon my arrival to this planet."

And finally, peep one of the men in black cutting a rug with scissors. Omarion is certainly a force on the dance floor, and he also has a song called "Cut a Rug."

Week 11

The fourth clue package is sparse on clues, with the exception of Yeti mentioning that he's worked with Diddy, whom he says "helped me reach the top of the mountain." These clues work for Omarion, as B2K had a No. 1 song with Diddy called "Bump, Bump, Bump." And no, we're not making a mountain out of a bump molehill.

On-stage clues

Yeti's first on-stage clue was donuts. Panelist Robin Thicke even guessed that the O-shaped food was for Omarion, and he's on the right track! He then throw out Mario as another option, so we'll have to deduct a point for that.

In the next episode, Yeti's mind reader clue was corn, and he added that "corn popped into my mind." When he was younger, Omarion appeared in a commercial for Kellogg's Corn Pops.

For the mailbox clue after his fourth performance, Yeti received a fan message that called him a "quadruple threat" and applauded him for stepping up with "a Masked Singer legend." Omarion is a singer, rapper, actor, and dancer (and songwriter, but quadruple still applies). He's worked with numerous TMS folks like season 1 winner T-Pain; Bow Wow, who came in third in season 3; and Cannon for the song "Feelin' Freaky" with B2K.

We also might know who Yeti is not, as Cluedle-Doo roasted the panelists last week for their incorrect Yeti guesses. Thicke said Step Up star Channing Tatum, Ken Jeong said Twista, and Jenny McCarthy suggested Ne-Yo. Granted, the cunning chicken could be trolling us, but we're on his side this time around.

Ultimately, we declare this case officially closed. The competitor has proved his versatility performing genres from hip-hop to country (and even rollerblading on stage!), and it's possible he'll go all the way as the first Wildcard to snatch the Golden Mask trophy. Let us know your guesses below, before Yeti's unmasked. And make sure to check out EW's prediction posts for Black Swan, Chameleon, the Piglet, and Cluedle-Doo.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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