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Marc Guggenheim is very happy to be working on a big-screen superhero feature again.

Last week, news broke that the Arrow co-creator is writing the script for Jackpot, Sony's upcoming Spider-Man-related film  centered on the female Marvel superhero of the same name. When Guggenheim dropped by this week's Superhero Insider (available Fridays on SiriusXM On Demand) to discuss his directorial debut on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, he revealed that he's actually been working on the Jackpot screenplay for quite some time.

"In many ways for me, it's kind of old news, but it feels great," said Guggenheim, who co-wrote 2011's Green Lantern with Greg Berlanti before the duo lost creative control of it. "As much as I'm a DC fan, I'm a huge Marvel fan, and I'm particularly a fan of the work that Marvel's done in the feature space."

First introduced during Marvel's "Brand New Day" storyline — which dove into the fallout of Peter Parker's with Aunt May-saving and reality-rewriting deal with Mephisto — Jackpot is actually the name of two Marvel heroes. The first person to carry the mantle was Sara Ehret, an OSCORP scientist who developed superhuman strength after being exposed to a mysterious virus. Eventually, Alana Jobson took over the Jackpot alias and gave herself powers with Mutant Growth Hormone; however, it reverted back to Sara after Alana died. In other words, her backstory is just as twisty as, well, almost any other comic book character's. Luckily, Marc Guggenheim and Jackpot have history.

“With Jackpot, it has an extra layer of gratification to it because Jackpot was a character that I worked on back when I was writing [Amazing Spider-Man]. I wrote sort of all of her material for the most part. And Brian Reed — I have to give a shoutout to him — did the Secret Invasion tie-in. But I was responsible for everything else with that character,” said Guggenheim. “To sort of help in some small way hopefully to see her see the big screen, that’s kind of cool.”

Of course, Jackpot still has a ways to go before it gets there, pandemic notwithstanding. "Even though I've been working on it for a while, like with any other feature, it's still early days and we'll see what happens," said Guggenheim, who co-wrote 2011's Green Lantern "It's a great project to work on. It's very, very gratifying."

Yes, it'll be sometime before Jackpot makes it to the big screen, but that's fine because there are a couple of other movies from the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (read: movies centered around Spider-Man related characters) in the pipeline: The Jared Leto-led Morbius hits theaters March 19, 2021, Venom: Let There Be Carnage opens June 25, 2021, and, of course, the third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, co-produced by Sony and Marvel, arrives Nov. 5, 2021.

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