The Mandalorian's latest Baby Yoda tie-in product is as pricey as it is yummy.

By James Hibberd
November 24, 2020 at 04:30 PM EST
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Credit: Lucasfilm

Last year Baby Yoda was kept such a secret that retailers didn't even have basic plush toys of The Mandalorian breakout character ready to ship until months after the first season had concluded on Disney+. This year, however, the merch machine is high gear, with a slew of tie-in products being revealed after each episode on "Mando Mondays."

One new item this week, however, probably wouldn't last long amid the most die-hard Star Wars fan's collectibles: Mando macarons from Williams Sonoma – just like the ones Baby Yoda gobbled in last week's Chapter 12, "The Siege."

In the episode, Baby Yoda used the Force to swipe a package of them from a kid who wouldn't share (adding fuel to the intense/hilarious debate swirling around Baby Yoda's eating habits).

Let's take a closer look at the confections, which are technically called "Nevarro Nummies":

Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Getting some of these green-blue (Um, teal? Cyan? What color are these, exactly? It's sort of maddening...) macarons won't come cheap. You might have to sell your old landspeeder for this. They're $49 for a dozen cookies. Plus, it costs about $11 for shipping, so you're really looking at $60 all-in.

The macarons also come with a warning from Williams Sonoma that you must click to accept before purchase: "This is a made-to-order item and cannot be returned." So if you decide these ... seafoam? Aqua? Cerulean? Darn it! ... these uniquely colored treats are not to your liking – or if you, for instance, barf them up during your Life Day party, just like how Baby Yoda tossed his cookies on the Razor Crest – you'll just have to use your Jedi-like calm to accept your decadent purchase as is. There are no refunds in the Outer Rim.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Here's the official description: "Inspired by a sweet moment when a young Nevarro student debated sharing his treats with the Child..." (nice spin, is there a PR team on Nevarro?) "...21st-century artisans in California have created these ethereal French-style almond macarons capturing the essence of this scene with Nevarro Nummies™. For authentic galactic flavor, each exquisite treat is artfully hand-piped with a rich, creamy vanilla filling."

They do indeed sound yummy. Hopefully, there be some Frog Lady Gummy Eggs soon as well!

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