Ahead of the premiere of Jupiter's Legacy, Mark Millar offers updates on a number of other projects coming to Netflix.
The Magic Order
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The Magic Order

The Magic Order TV series lives again.

As part of a preview of upcoming Millarworld projects at Netflix, Mark Millar announced that the show, based on his comic with artist Olivier Coipel, is back in active development.

The Magic Order was postponed last year "due to all the uncertainty" with the pandemic, Millar writes in a Netflix blog post: "Some time away has given us a chance to come back with a completely fresh look at the material, and we should be getting into our new writers' room very shortly."

The comic, first published in 2018 by Netflix, focuses on five families of magicians who blend in with the human public by day and wage mystical battles against dark forces by night. These families must work together to combat an enemy that is picking them off one by one.

Millar originally envisioned the concept as a live-action series, "but as comic fans know, I'm also passionate about doing books," he notes. The creator then announced volume 2 of the comic will launch this October with artist Stuart Immonen, and volume 3 will follow "immediately afterwards" with Gigi Cavenago.

Jupiter's Legacy, premiering on Netflix Friday, is the first live-action Millarworld project. But, aside from The Magic Order, there's lots more in store.

Millar's blog post mentions development on "a six-episode live-action spy series," which will be his first spy story since Kingsman "but a very different kind of property."

"The writer is someone I've been a massive fan of for two decades, and he was the only person I approached," he says. "This has the potential to be one of the biggest franchises I've ever created. I'm so excited and I hope you will be too!"

Others in the works are a show based off Millar's American Jesus comic from producers Everardo Gout (Marvel's Luke Cage) and Leopoldo Gout (Molly's Game); an anime adaptation of his superpowered heist comic Super Crooks, about eight supervillains; and a movie based on Reborn with The Lego Batman Movie's Chris McKay directing, Bek Smith writing, and Sandra Bullock producing.

Empress, Huck, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter, and now Prodigy are also in development as films. Matthew and Ryan Firpo, who worked on the screenplay for Marvel's Eternals, are writing Prodigy.

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The Magic Order
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