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Mad Men has found a new home thanks to a global licensing deal with Amazon, and it'll make its debut nationally with a blackface warning.

The popular AMC period drama, which recently departed from Netflix, follows the lives of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency employees in 1950s New York City. At the center of this throwback tale is Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm), a womanizing ad man with a mysterious past.

Episode three from the show's third season titled "My Old Kentucky Home" will stream with a prefaced disclaimer due to John Slattery's character Roger Sterling's use of blackface.

"This episode contains disturbing images related to race in America," the title card will read. "One of the characters is shown in blackface as part of an episode that shows how commonplace racism was in America in 1963.  In its reliance on historical authenticity, the series producers are committed to exposing the injustices and inequities within our society that continue to this day so we can examine even the most painful parts of our history in order to reflect on who we are today and who we want to become.  We are therefore presenting the original episode in its entirety."

Mad Men will be available exclusively via Amazon's IMDb TV from July 15 until Oct. 1 and beyond as it moves to linear and streaming back home at AMC.

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