The pair also exchanged bloody selfies while shooting their AHS shows.

To snag her role on Ryan Murphy's new American Horror Stories, Paris Jackson kept it in the family — both the AHS family and her own.

The actress revealed she reached out to her godfather, Macaulay Culkin, who's starring in the upcoming 10th season of American Horror Story proper, for advice in a new interview with E! News.

"They were very, very uptight about the NDAs and things like that," she said. "But I did figure, he signed an NDA, he's in the AHS family. I feel like if I could tell anyone, it would be him."

Culkin's main tip? To "overdo it at certain points," Jackson said. "Kind of, like, overact and kind of make it theatrical."

It seems to have worked. After word leaked that she would be joining American Horror Story in some capacity, FX confirmed days before American Horror Stories premiered on FX on Hulu that Jackson would be involved in the spin-off, playing a character named Maya.

In the show's first tale, told over two episodes, Maya is a classmate at the new school of Scarlett (Sierra McCormick), a twisted teen who moves into Murder House with her dads, Michael (Matt Bomer) and Aaron (Aaron Tveit). Other standalone stories featuring different cast members will unfold as the season goes on.

Meanwhile, not much is known about Culkin's role in AHS season 10, other than that he gets to wear a cool jacket and he has some kinky scenes with Kathy Bates. The arc of the season will be split into two distinct stories, one set by the sea and the other on land.

"I sent him a picture of my face covered in blood and then he sent me a picture of blood in his hair," Jackson said of sharing on-set selfies with Culkin while shooting the two shows. "It was cute."

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