Plus: Tom Ellis shares his thoughts on the series finale, and D.B. Woodside previews his directorial debut.

Lucifer and Chloe Decker are stronger than ever in the sixth and final season of Lucifer.

"I think they're pretty solid, which is great because you've seen so many ups and downs and ebbs and flows of doubt on either his or Chloe's part," Lauren German, who plays the LAPD detective, tells EW. "The last season feels more or less that they are on the same page, for the same greater good, and for the same goal, even if it hurts one or the other."

When we last left off with the fantasy procedural, Tom Ellis' Lucifer became the new God after sacrificing himself to resurrect Chloe. In other words, he got what he's always wanted. But when season 6 begins, he's hesitant about going through with his apotheosis, and the world starts unravelling without a God. Thankfully, he has Chloe by his side.

"Even when Lucifer is feeling insecure, Chloe is saying, 'I believe in you. I know you can do this,'" German says. "And there's some very beautiful selfless acts in the last season on both of their parts where it's heartbreaking, but [they say,] 'For you, I will do this. For your greater good, for your happiness. For you, I will sacrifice A, B, and C.' So I would say it's the most kind of as a team that you've seen them, on the same page, ready for the same thing. It's just, how did they get there? How can they get that going?"

Lauren German and Tom Ellis on 'Lucifer'

But Ellis' fallen angel isn't the only one taking on a new role in season 6. Behind the camera, D.B. Woodside, who plays Lucifer's loyal brother Amenadiel, made his directorial debut on the season's eighth episode, which presented quite a challenge.

"It had every single cast member, all the time, all day. It was really challenging," says Woodside, who has been working toward directing for the past 20 years. "You very rarely see the entire cast together in many scenes in a particular episode. Normally if we start out that way, there might be one scene, but normally there's not even that. You just see all of us in an episode on our own journeys. So a lot of that stuff is shot separately, independent from each other. In this episode that they decide to give me, I'm working with all of them, and that's the majority of my episode. We do break off here and there, but even the way in which they break off, all of the actors, the cast, the characters are within the same space."

On top of that, Woodside was also responsible for directing the scene in which Ella (Aimee Garcia) sees angel wings for the first time, a pivotal moment in the show's history.

"As written, it was done in a way that we have seen since the pilot that's worked effectively," Woodside says. "But for me, I went, 'No. You know what? This is season 6. This is our person of faith. This is someone who has had faith their entire life, true faith.' I composed that moment and painted that moment and came up with a launch into it, came up with the camera movement, came up with the music. And it was something that was wasn't scripted, but I think after the writer saw it, Aiyana White, she was blown away by it. And I think a lot of people were."

He continues: "Aimee Garcia is absolutely stellar and amazing. And when you have an actor of that caliber who just has so much faith in you and your vision, the two of you meeting… I would probably say that's one of my favorite moments as a director, is conceptualizing that entire moment and having Aimee buy into it and trust me. It's just beautiful, and I really can't wait for people to see it."

All this leads to the dramedy's long-awaited series finale, which Ellis is rather proud of. "I really hope that we've done service to everything else we've done before it, and I feel that we have," the actor says. "We did talk painstakingly about 'How do we end this?' And what's the right way to end it, and all of those things. It was an interesting time because everyone was so invested in these characters and in this show that we really cared that we did this right. And I feel like we got to a place where we did that, and I really strongly believe that our fans will think the same thing… I feel like we've done ourselves proud in that department."

All 10 episodes of Lucifer season 6 launch Friday on Netflix.

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