The next installment of the Hulu series will also chronicle the title character's relationship with his new boyfriend.

Our long wait for Love, Victor season 2 is nearly over. The first trailer is here, revealing what happens after last year's game-changing cliffhanger, in which Victor (Michael Cimino) came out to his family.

When the Hulu drama signed off with the season 1 finale, Victor had built up enough courage to finally tell his parents he was gay after spending most of the season grappling with his sexuality. But the episode ended before he — and viewers — could see their reaction. Thankfully, season 2 picks up right where we left off, returning to that tense moment before skipping ahead 10 weeks to the end of what seems like one of the best periods of his life.

"Victor gets a much deserved, really epic summer and start to the school year with his new boyfriend, Benji [George Sear]," co-creator and executive producer Isaac Aptaker tells EW.

He adds, "A bunch of our characters are entering into new relationships at the beginning of this season, so we get to explore all of those firsts, which are always really compelling stories: the first time having sex, the first time saying, 'I love you,' meeting each other's parents, all that really good stuff. So much of this show comes out of the experience of the writer's room, and everyone gets to tap into their own high school years and relive the victories and the traumas."

Though this latest installment finds Victor in swoony bliss, his happy bubble threatens to burst when he comes out again — this time publicly, at school — and some of his basketball teammates call foul.

"The locker room is a really loaded, often scary place," Aptaker says. "One of the more complicated parts about Victor being an out gay kid in his high school is that he's an athlete. That is one arena where there is still such a lack of LGBTQ+ representation. That was something we really wanted to explore: What is it like for Victor being an out gay star player in high school, and how is that world uniquely challenging and scary for him?"

Love, Victor season 2 premieres June 11 on Hulu. Check out the new trailer below.

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