Which house did Victor (Michael Cimino) end up at?!

Who did Victor (Michael Cimino) choose at the end of Love, Victor season 2?

After coming out last season, Victor found himself facing a major romantic decision in the finale: Should he stay with his boyfriend Benji (George Sear) after all their complicated ups and downs or should they break up so he can explore a potential new relationship with Rahim (Anthony Keyvan)? Victor made his choice by the end of the episode, but fans were left guessing as to which of the two guys would be happy or heartbroken because the close-up shot didn't reveal whose house Victor ran to after Mia's (Rachel Hilson) father's wedding.

While the definitive answer to that cliffhanger won't arrive until the LGBTQ rom-com returns for the third and final season on June 15 (available on both Hulu and Disney+), don't worry: EW has your exclusive first look right now with two photos that tease which guy Victor picks. But the emphasis is on the tease, because we're going solely based on context clues here. Time to play armchair detective!

In the first photo below, it may seem as if Victor chooses to stay with Benji since they're shown on what seems to be a romantic walk together at night, and Benji looks like he's smiling. But our theory is that Victor chooses Rahim — the first photo is actually just Victor breaking the news to Benji at a later date. Because the second photo below shows Rahim looking out his window, clearly still wearing his tux from the wedding that same night whereas Benji and Victor are sporting casual clothes in the first pic.

Unless Victor ran to his house to choose him after their romantic dance together, why else would Rahim be looking out his window so soon after getting home from the wedding? Whether you're team Benji or team Rahim, this theory makes total sense based on the photographic evidence, right?

Check out the photos below to see for yourself:

Love, Victor -- “Lucas & Diego” - Episode 305 -- Attempting to move on from his past relationships, Victor goes on an unexpected adventure. Felix and Pilar struggle to maintain their relationship after the fallout from Isabel and Armando. New information has Benji revisiting moments from his past. Benji (George Sear), and Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu)
George Sear (Benji) and Michael Cimino (Victor) in 'Love, Victor'
| Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu
Love, Victor -- “It’s You” - Episode 301 -- Victor makes his choice between Benji and Rahim.. Mia and Andrew reunite with her estranged mother to get answers. Felix and Pilar begin their new romance, while Lake and Lucy spend the night getting closer. Rahim (Anthony Keyvan), shown. (Photo by: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu)
Anthony Keyvan (Rahim) in 'Love, Victor'
| Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu

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