While the British version of Love Island may have canceled this year, the U.S. version is moving forward as planned – because our country has handled the pandemic so much better, right? ... um, right?

The second season of CBS' PG-13 version of the risque UK reality hit will premiere Monday, Aug. 24, and the production is packing its cast of hot and horny singles into a Las Vegas hotel (teaser video above).

From the release: "All Las Vegas staff and crew working on the production and all cast participating will be within quarantined “bubbles” where they will undergo isolation before production begins and be tested prior to beginning work, and the cast will be tested prior to their participation. They will also all be regularly tested throughout the season, as well as screened daily for symptoms. Crew and staff will be required to wear PPE and work in pods to enhance social distancing. Stringent and ongoing cleaning and disinfecting protocols in filming and production areas will be in place. In addition, COVID-19 compliance officers will be on staff to monitor and enforce all health and safety COVID-19 protocols."

Hot! Nothing kindles romance like daily nasal swabs by a medical team in PPE.

The hotel being used is The Cromwell. You may have previously heard of this hotel when it was mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

Once again, the singles must find their way into couples or risk being voted off the show. But this time the stakes are higher than ever as reality show elimination means being booted from the production's highly secure, heavily tested, Covid-free bubble and back out into our real-world dystopia – hook up, Islanders, hook up for your lives!

The episodes will air nightly after the series premiere because, after all, what else does CBS (or any other broadcaster) have that's new to air right now? (Also, to be fair, that was also the format CBS used when airing last year's season 1).

The move comes on the heels of CBS moving forward with Big Brother, a reality series that's like Love Island except nothing of consequence ever happens.

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