"You know, Romeo and Juliet didn't work out for a reason."
Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

The fourth season of Love is Blind hasn't even aired yet and it's already gearing up to be a dramatic season. 

On Wednesday, Netflix dropped a trailer for its experimental dating show that kicks off right away with one male participant boldly declaring that he's "made the wrong choice" and will now "propose to another woman."

Over the course of 12 episodes, 30 singles who are looking for love will mingle, date, and then get engaged all without ever actually seeing one another. As they plan their upcoming nuptials, the couples will move in together to see if their physical connection is up to par with their emotional bond. Or, as one participant puts it, "We live in a house together. This is full-out adulting."

However, it appears there might soon be trouble in paradise for some of the couples as reality — and disapproving parents — get in the way of their newfound relationships. "I don't want to be in a marriage where your parents hate me," says one participant. "You know, Romeo and Juliet didn't work for a reason."

And some find that the initial spark they felt in the pods hasn't exactly carried over into the bedroom. "We don't have sex, bro!" one woman shouts. "You're gonna give me a migraine."

Love Is Blind
Jackelina in 'Love is Blind'
| Credit: Netflix

While some contestants wrestle with the idea of tying the knot, others seem to find the love and support they've been searching for in their respective partners. "He sees things in me that sometimes I don't see in myself," says one tearful participant.

As for whose love will actually make it down the aisle, well, fans will have to wait and see when the fourth season of Love Is Blind airs on Netflix on March 24. Watch the trailer above. 

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Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind
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