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Falling in love at first sight took on a whole new meaning when it came to Love Is Blind singles Lauren and Cameron.

While separated in pods with no way to tell what the other looked like during their dates on Netflix's wild new reality show, the two fell in love. Within three days, Cameron popped the question. One month later, they got married! Lauren and Cameron felt like the Amazon Prime Now of meet-cutes.

"Watching it back and reliving those moments, it's just like an out-of-body experience," Lauren says of the crazy pod experiment during EW's interview with the newlyweds.

But c'mon, proposing in three days? In episode 1!?

"We made the most use of our time possible," says Cameron. "We went into the pods with things that we wanted to talk about in mind. The conversation came very naturally. It all just felt fated and surreal."

But every good reality show aims to create drama, which is why some fans thought there was one major hurdle in their relationship: the fact that Cameron is white and Lauren is black. It's not that the audience wanted to make it about race, but the show constantly featured Lauren or Cameron discussing what it's like to be an interracial couple, a story line they both found "frustrating."

"I feel like every time that we talked about it, it definitely made the edit," Lauren says. "It looks like we will be at dinner saying, 'Hey, we're interracial,' and then we'll be somewhere else and say, 'Hey, I'm black and you're white!'"

The race conversation seemed to intensify when Cameron — who tells EW he used to be a rapper and went by the name Kid Flash — was approached by Lauren's father with stern words about the obvious differences between the two of them.

Love Is Blind
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"It was at the forefront of his mind to grill Cameron to know where his heart is and what his intentions were," Lauren explains. The drama about whether he would accept Cameron was played up as a potential wedge between them, but it was more smoke than fire.

"My dad, he's all in as long as I'm happy," she says. "He trusts my character and he's definitely grown to love Cameron. They have dinner every week. It's great!"

Adds Cameron, "If I was in his position, I would have done the same thing."

Another thing that benefited their relationship was that Lauren and Cameron were very open with each other, putting everything on the table right away. One secret that eventually came out — especially after he delivered his epic rap — was Cameron's aforementioned rap career as Kid Flash. "I retired after I graduated [from] college," he says. "I deleted most of the music videos. I'm sure someone will find one!" Love Is Blind stans, you know what to do.

As for where Cameron and Lauren are today? They have settled into married life at what Lauren refers to as "Cameron's used-to-be bachelor pad." They also have a dog named Spark who is "a practice child before we get started with the real one." And when children do enter the picture, Lauren and Cameron are fully prepared to tell them the story of how they met.

"Oh yeah," Lauren replies when asked if she'd ever let their kids watch the show. "We're gonna beat it into their memories. We'll make them watch it every Valentine's Day."

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