Yes, some couples got married and others got dumped at the altar. But that's not all that happened!

By Sydney Bucksbaum
February 29, 2020 at 09:00 AM EST
Love Is Blind
Credit: Netflix

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the season finale of Love Is Blind.

We've been through all the ups and downs of Love Is Blind so far, from the wild first dates in the pods to the first "I love yous" to the engagements and even a breakup in Mexico. We've seen the couples meet the families, plan their weddings, and move in together. And now, finally, we've seen the weddings for five couples that only met one month earlier and got engaged without ever seeing each other in person.

Netflix's reality dating series dropped the finale episode on Thursday, and that means it's time to once again recap all the most shocking moments. If you want a quick rundown of which couples said "I do" and which contestants got dumped at the altar, check out our relationship roundup here.

Episode 10: "The Weddings"

1. Here's a shocking moment we did not see coming: the finale is an hour and 25 minutes! Now it makes sense why Netflix held one episode to be released a full week later. This episode is longer than most wedding ceremonies. The finale is a wedding movie.

2. While episode 9 left off on a cliffhanger with Damian and Giannina's wedding, thankfully the finale picks right up where we left off. We already saw Giannina lay her heart out for Damian, saying "I do" which was shocking in its own right. Giannina was always the wildcard in this relationship. But it's Damian who surprises everyone by saying “I do not.” No one saw that coming! Although his sudden onset crying should have tipped everyone off. He says that while he loves her, it's clear she's not ready for marriage. “I’ve stayed consistent through this. You have not," he tells her. "I can’t handle the ups and downs of you loving me one day and saying you want to be friends the next.” He's not wrong but seriously bad timing, dude.

3. Giannina takes on a new role: runaway bride! She bolts from the ceremony in tears, takes off her shoes, and while she's running outside she slips and falls in the mud. That wedding dress is officially ruined, but would we expect any less of a reaction from Giannina? Her mom runs after her and cries with her, saying Giannina should have said no too. It's clear where Giannina gets her firecracker emotional side from.

A bride falls down outside on 'Love Is Blind'
Credit: Netflix

4. After a bit, Giannina returns to the scene of the crime (somehow with the mud stain gone from her dress?) to fight some more with Damian, because why give up the chance to blow up again? She ruins her dress even more by ripping off a piece of the skirt to throw around Damian's wrist saying, “You can take your bow back” and walks out again. Nice call back to his bow tie gesture! Damian still thinks they’ll be part of each other’s lives. But can you really be that confident about still dating someone after dumping them at the altar? Why couldn't he have let her down easier in private?

5. On to the next! After finally having a serious conversation about their finances and Amber's lack of a job/motivation to work, the jury was still out on whether they'd make to the altar. And on the morning of the wedding, Amber gets a text from Barnett because he’s freaking out and having cold feet. After sending that concerning text, he doesn't answer any of her calls, ramping up the tension. Could this be the end of Amber and Barnett's love story?

6. Later, Barnett finally shows up to the venue but he still doesn’t know what to do about their wedding. He at least gets ready, but the wedding guests are getting jumpy because it’s been “an hour and a half” that they’ve been sitting waiting.

7. But all that worrying was for nothing, because Amber and Barnett get married! She of course says "I do" to him, and while he pauses for what seems like forever, he also says "I do." We have our first official Love Is Blind marriage! And yes, it's for real.

8. Kelly and Kenny have always seemed like the most stable (if not the most boring) couple on this show. But we find out the morning of their wedding that they still haven't slept together. That makes them the only Love Is Blind couple that hasn't slept together before their wedding, and that doesn't bode well for their future.

9. Although their vows were full of "I love yous" and signs that all was well, Kelly says she can’t marry Kenny ... at the altar. Once again, could this not have happened in private? Why break hearts in front of all your family and friends? Seems needlessly cruel.

10. After Kelly leaves him at the altar, Kenny musters up his courage -- and manners -- and gives a speech to all the guests gathered. “Obviously this is just a whirlwind for everyone,” he tells the room. “Today is not our day.” But he almost loses his cool once in private when he notices that he's being recorded and forces the cameras to leave him alone. It's the first time we see Kenny with his feathers ruffled. It's very humanizing. Too bad it's because his heart was being publicly crushed. Another couple bites the dust!.

11. Despite all the red flags for Jessica and Mark's relationship throughout the entire season, their wedding day seemed to be going well. Everything Jessica was saying about Mark was optimistic and hopeful. They both went through the entire day of getting ready with smiles on their faces. Mark's entire family was supportive. Jessica's was weirdly absent from the ceremony. But still, “It’s my wedding day and I couldn’t be happier,” Jessica says to the camera. Could they actually be the second couple to get married?!

12. Nope. Should have seen this one coming, but these Love Is Blind editors got us! After Mark says "I do," Jessica says, "I cannot."

13. To add insult to injury, after Jessica leaves Mark at the altar, a bridesmaid whispers, “So embarrassing for her,” and another agrees, “I know right.” Um ... excuse us, but what?! It's more embarrassing for him, is it not? Let's just hope she doesn't go home and feed her dog more wine.

Mark says "I'm going to be okay" on 'Love Is Blind'
Credit: Netflix

14. It's time for the final wedding. Will Lauren and Cameron tie the knot despite his rapping? It may not be a shocking moment considering theirs has been the sweetest love story of the series, but Lauren has seemed not as in as Cameron. She's already expressed interest in keeping her apartment. But she says "I do," and they make it official!

15. During her vows, Lauren says she and Cameron first met six weeks ago -- but according to the series, it was only 37 days ago. Who's lying?!

Love Is Blind is now streaming in full on Netflix, and a reunion special will be released Thursday, March 5.

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