Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. has released a new stand-up special.

He announced the new special, titled Sincerely Louis C.K., on Saturday, saying that people "need to laugh" when things get "s--tty," a reference to the current coronavirus global pandemic.

"I feel like there are two kinds of people in this world," C.K. says. "One kind needs to laugh when things get sh--ty. In fact, the s--ttier things get, the more serious, the more dark the more terrifying, the more dangerous and dire anything is, the more important it is to laugh in the midst of it and often directly in its face. These people believe it’s no coincidence that human beings have survived despite our fragile hairless bodies, through the most difficult of times. And that we are the only species, besides ladybugs, who laugh at life."

C.K. continued, "The other kind of people feel that it’s important to put aside laughter in times of difficulty and give serious and painful things the respect and the silence due to them. And to bow their heads to the tragic and to show kindness to people who are afraid and hurting by not making light of their fears or pain."

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He added that he doesn't think "either one of these kinds of people is right over the other," but that he belongs in the first group. "I love and respect many members of the latter group and I can’t stand many members of my own," he says. "For those of you that can’t laugh right now I just wish you all the peace you can grab in this s--tty s--tty time."

Sincerely Louis C.K. is available to download and stream for $7.99 through his website.

C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by five women in 2017 (allegations which he later confirmed were true), and laid low for a brief period, before returning to stand-up in August 2018 with sets at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. But it wasn’t long before audio leaked of his new, controversial material where he could be heard mocking trans and non-binary individuals, as well as survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., for engaging in anti-gun activism and politics. In May 2019, C.K. further raised eyebrows with his policy against sharing his material without his “consent,” and then announced a 14-city international tour.

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