Tara Strong, Sophia Di Martino, and Wunmi Mosaku all say they were kept in the dark until they were actually offered their roles on the Disney+ superhero series.

Loki may be principally about the titular god, but Tom Hiddleston can't play every single role. Now that we're four episodes in, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe show on Disney+ has built up quite a supporting cast. There's Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) of course, but also Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), and the holographic Miss Minutes (Tara Strong), to name a few. Yet it's become clear that many of these actors had no idea that they were even auditioning for Loki.

"Typically you'll get a drawing of the character, a description, sometimes a portion of the script. I use all that information when I'm doing my audition," Strong, a veteran of animation voiceover who brings life to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) mascot Miss Minutes, tells EW. "I'll have the drawing up to the side, so I can really dive into what production had in mind for this character. But when it came for Loki audition, I got an email minus all of that information. Like, I didn't know what it was for, I didn't know who this character really was, I didn't know anything about her world."

Miss Minutes on "Loki."
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Strong continues, "I remember calling my agent because it was sort of described as an 'animated Siri-type voice.' I was like, I'm trying to understand this character. Is she sentient? And they were like, 'We don't really know.' I just remember playing around with a few different versions."

It wasn't until Strong aced the audition and secured the part that she got a call from Loki director Kate Herron and learned that she was going to be on the god-focused MCU show. Her story is similar to those told by Di Martino and Mosaku in other interviews. In a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, the Sylvie actress revealed she was in the dark initially as well.

"Absolutely nothing," Di Martino replied when asked what she knew about the role when auditioning. "I didn't know what the role was, I didn't know what the show was, I didn't know anything. There was a short scene between two people, 'Bob' and 'Sarah' I think it was, on a train. It ended up being the train scene between Loki and Sylvie but I had no idea what I was auditioning for."

Di Martino had some familiarity with Herron from previous work, so she got clued in not long after her audition, and then touched base with Hiddleston on a FaceTime. "It wasn't until I was offered the job that I knew what it was," she said.

Mosaku told a similar story in a recent interview with Collider. Are you starting to see the pattern now?

"I got the call saying I had been offered a part in Loki, but I hadn't known I was auditioning for Loki, so it was quite a shock," Mosaku said. "But very, very exciting. I was finally going to be a part of the Marvel Universe, which felt so good. I didn't know what my character was going to do, but I was like 'I'm in, either way.'"

New episodes of Loki hit Disney+ on Wednesdays. 

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