EW has your first look at the Amazon series' trailer.

Brazilian soul singer Liniker is making her acting debut in Amazon Prime Video's September Mornings, a series about a trans woman whose dreams are suddenly halted when she learns she may have a son.

Above, EW has your exclusive first look at the trailer for the five-episode drama, set to debut in its entirety on June 25.

"Cassandra has been such an interesting character to play," Liniker tells EW. "She has these incredible dreams, and one by one she's been working towards realizing them. Now she has her own apartment, she has a loving and supportive group of friends, and she's also found love with a wonderful man named Ivaldo [Thomás Aquino]. But one day there's a knock at her door, and she has no idea when she opens it her life will never be the same."

September Mornings
Liniker and Gustavo Coelho in 'September Mornings'
| Credit: Amazon

On the other side of the door is an ex-lover named Leide (Karine Teles) and her son Gersinho (Gustavo Coelho), who is convinced he's Cassandra's son. Set to the music of Vanusa, a famous Brazilian singer from the '70s, Cassandra then goes on a journey of self-discovery and a re-evaluation of her priorities.

"Learning she has a son is not easy for Cassandra because she never imagined she'd become a parent," the Latin Grammy nominee says. "She's out here living her life as a trans woman in Brazil, where just existing as such has always been so hard. On top of that, she's now faced with this challenge of having two more lives she'll be responsible for. Cassandra even becomes a little resentful toward Gersinho because she really thought it was finally her time to do with her life what she wanted on her own terms. It's complicated. But what I love most about her is that no matter the curveballs life sends her way, she never stops dreaming."

September Mornings
Liniker in 'September Mornings'
| Credit: Amazon

Over the course of the series, it's revealed that Cassandra had a challenging childhood with a mother who eventually abandoned her family in search of self-fulfillment. The only connection Cassandra has with her mom is through Vanusa, her favorite artist, whose most famous hits (including the titular track) Cassandra performs at a nightclub.

"When Cassandra looks at Gersinho in his eyes, it's tough on her for a variety of reasons," Liniker says. "Mainly it reminds her of her own childhood, and it makes her think of her mom, who abandoned her. She was laughed at for being different. Cassandra isn't a bad person, she's just scared."

Liniker, who is trans herself, adds, "I can relate to Cassandra in those moments when she doesn't want to have to be strong, even if for only a moment. Moments where she wants to be heard and understood as a human being. The most important thing to me in playing Cassandra is to humanize this character and her experience. It was important to me that Cassandra be a real person."

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