This interview is just as delightful as that video of Jordan making enough chicken salad for an army of one.

Leslie Jordan's interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show this week sparks as much joy as his quarantine videos that made the Will & Grace star an instant viral sensation. He talks about those "publicity girls" who got him an Instagram account, how he thought "post it" meant post-it notes, and the delightful way he pronounces "program" and "Megan" of Megan Mullally.

Here he is telling Corden how to become an influencer, such as himself: "You have to find everyday objects, like a back scratcher or a spatula, and then think of something clever to do with it. I have no idea!"

Jordan mentioned a magazine article that "dissected" all his Instagram videos, but there's no rhyme or reason for filming himself make "enough chicken salad to feed an army... of one!" "I can entertainment myself for hours," he says.

Jordan's been stuck in an Airbnb in Chattanooga, Tenn. during the coronavirus quarantine and he's been chronicling his isolation experience on Instagram. Usually it involves videos of him twirling a back scratcher like a majorette baton and reminiscing about his childhood.

"I've waited my whole career for this kind of attention," he said. "I won an Emmy in 2006! See how I got that in? But I didn't get any attention like this. This is crazy."

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