By Rachel Yang
May 16, 2021 at 11:11 PM EDT

It's not just Justice League that needs the Snyder Cut. For Leslie Jones, Bridgerton (and a certain type of scene in the show) should've been waaaay longer.

The comedian, who's hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards, got her wish tonight, and she enlisted who else but the show's star and Breakthrough Performance winner Regé-Jean Page to help make it happen.

As part of an ongoing bit during the award show, in which Jones splices herself into scenes from nominated shows and films, the comedian, wearing period dress and an impressive wig, pops into a steamy sex scene from Bridgerton.

"I am yours, Leslie," Page tells her. He strips down, revealing his chest and a whole lot more, and Jones wants to savor every bit.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, you're going too fast. We're not doing this justice. We need one of them long ass Zack Snyder cuts," she says.

Cue a slow motion display of Page's body and Jones' awestruck reaction.

"I will spare you the rest, dear reader. It goes on like that for an agonizing four hours," the narrator informs us.

"Mind your own business Lady Whistledown, you gossipy bitch," Jones retorts.

Earlier on in the show, Page took home the Golden Popcorn for Breakthrough Performance for his role in Bridgerton. Recently, the actor revealed that he won't be returning for the show's second season, which has already begun shooting.

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