Co-showrunner Phil Klemmer explains why he's proud of Behrad's introduction in season 5.
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One of the best parts of Legends of Tomorrow season 5 is sticking around for season 6.

EW has confirmed that Shayan Sobhian, who played Zari's (Tala Ashe) brother Behrad, has been promoted to series regular for the fun-loving superhero drama's next season. To be fair, this isn't the most shocking news given how season 5 ended and how much the producers loved the character.

When EW spoke to co-showrunner Phil Klemmer about the most recent finale, we asked him what he was most proud of from season 5 and he replied, "Having Behrad come into the show and come into the show and pretending like the Legends knew him when the audience didn't. That was a small bullseye [we had to hit]."

Sobhian's character was first introduced in the season 4 finale, after the Legends rewrote the future by saving the day at Heyworld. In this new timeline, Behrad never died in 2046 and joined the Legends at the beginning of season 3 instead of his sister, who went on to become a social media influencer. Zari 2.0 — whose introduction also ranks among the things of which Klemmer is proud — ended up boarding the Waverider in season 5 and helped the team resurrect her brother after the Fates killed him. As of the end of the season, the Tarazi siblings share responsibility for the Air Totem, which also explains Sobhian's promotion.

"This show rewards the big swings and just believing in your talent; believing that Tala can invent a new character on the fly; believing Shayan could not only fit in the stories but as part of the cast," said Klemmer. "There’s something really heartwarming about how our cast and crew bring out the best in each other. If the show manages to do better than it did in previous seasons, it’s just because of that. I think those bonds are so strong."

Looking ahead to season 6, Klemmer is excited to dig into Zari 2.0. and Behrad's dynamic. "They haven't really existed in that bro-sis [place]; like, I want some bickering siblings on this show," he said. "That was the promise of bringing Behrad onto the show. We haven't given them a chance to just exist as co-equal adult siblings, and that's really fascinating to me — like how people bring their baggage from their childhood." He added, "I just want to get them to that neutral space and see how they deal with sharing a totem. You know, figure out what version of Wonder Twin powers are."

For more on season 6, check out what Klemmer told EW about what audiences can expect from the wild show's take on aliens.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return in 2021. The complete fifth season is available to stream on Netflix.

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