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The Avatar Cycle continues!

Just a few months after Avatar: The Last Airbender triumphantly returned to Netflix and became a go-to quarantine binge for newcomers and old fans alike, the streaming service has announced that the sequel series The Legend of Korra will join it on Aug. 14.

As anyone who's familiar with Avatar knows, the world of these shows consists of four nations, each based around one of the classical elements: fire, earth, air, and water. At any one time there is a single being, known as the Avatar, who possesses the ability to bend all four elements. Once an Avatar dies, their spirit is reborn into the next nation in the cycle. The Legend of Korra takes place years after Avatar: The Last Airbender. After Aang's death, the Avatar mantle passes to Korra (Janet Varney), a member of the Water Tribe. While Aang was a naturally talented airbender and had to learn to master the other three elements, Korra excels at those but struggles with the spirituality of air. Thankfully, she has Aang's airbending son Tenzin (J.K. Simmons) to teach her.

There are four seasons of Korra (following Avatar's three), and two trilogies of sequel comics. If you haven't yet watched, make sure to check it out when it comes to Netflix next month.

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