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The Legend of Korra made its Netflix debut last week, and given how enthralling and action-packed the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel series is, tons of new fans have probably already sped through all four seasons by now.

Fortunately, EW is here to answer all your burning questions about LoK, Korrasami, and what your next binge watch should be.

First things first: Is Korrasami canon?

Yup. In a Tumblr post from days after the series finale originally aired in 2014, co-creator Bryan Konietzko put an end to any doubts.

"Korrasami is canon," he began the post.

While the writers didn't plan for Korra and Asami to get together from the very beginning, Konietzko said he started cautiously toying around with the idea as they wrote book 1.

"We never assumed it was something we would ever get away with depicting on an animated show for a kids network in this day and age, or at least in 2010," he wrote.

Working within Nickelodeon's limitations "to how far we could go with it," Konietzko and co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino strived to make Korrasami as "unambiguous" as possible, and Jeremy Zuckerman's "tender and romantic" score was a big part of it.

Another way they emphasized the relationship was by having the two women at the end turn "towards each other, clasping both hands in a reverential manner, in a direct reference to Varrick and Zhu Li's nuptial pose from a few minutes prior."

Still, while he hopes the series was a step forward, Konietzko acknowledged they could've done more with Korrasami.

"Was it a slam-dunk victory for queer representation? I think it falls short of that," he wrote.

Korra and Asami - Legends of Korra
Korra and Asami in 'The Legends of Korra'

What's the fate of Korra and Asami after LoK?

Fans should be happy to find out that Korra and Asami are a bona fide couple in the LoK comics, the first of which was published in 2017. The creators had a hand in the two Dark Horse graphic novels, with DiMartino writing the stories for both.

The first book, Turf Wars, immediately follows the events of the series finale and focuses extensively on Korra and Asami's relationship. After their romantic getaway, the two return from the Spirit World to discover that Avatar World is plagued by some of the same prejudices and struggles as our own.

In 2018, EW got to exclusively reveal a preview of volume 1 of the second book, Ruins of the Empire, which features the trial of would-be dictator Kuvira, as well as Korra, Asami, Mako, and Bolin butting heads about the right solution to rising tensions. The last volume of Ruins was released in February.

What happens to the other characters?

We'll leave some suspense for you, but the fates of certain characters are too juicy not to share. After Zhu Li "did the thing" by marrying Varrick, she did another thing — she became the president of Republic City! She was elected after her commendable efforts helping refugees displaced by the invasion of the United Republic of Nations, and she even made Bolin her assistant. However, the earthbender, along with brother Mako, Asami, and Wu, ends up getting brainwashed in the comics, so read the books to find out what happens to them after all…

What should I watch after Korra?

We get it — it's hard to take in a world without Avatar content to watch. But it's not the end just yet. Nickelodeon recently released on its Twitch channel the unaired pilot for ATLA, which is markedly different from the series we know and love. It was part of the Last Airbender: Origins special, which dove into how the world of Avatar was created.

Many ATLA and LoK fans also recommend animated series like The Dragon Prince, created by ATLA alum Aaron Ehasz; Steven Universe, another fantasy series with LGBTQ themes; and She-Ra & The Princesses of Power, a Netflix show that similarly features strong women, queer representation, and complex storytelling.

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