Even though Legacies ended its second season early due to production shutting down amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it still managed to deliver a number of cliffhangers: Hope Mikaelson is currently asleep — as in, can't be woken up — and oh yeah, the Necromancer used Rafael to stab Landon with the golden arrow!!

Now, EW has an exclusive first look promo at the CW series' upcoming third season, and both of those cliffhangers are the focus of conversation. While Alaric seems to be struggling with how they help Hope, Rafael has come up with a solution for how to save Landon ... or so he thinks. His plan? Put Landon's spirit in his body. Meanwhile, Landon seems like he's preparing to say his "final goodbye."

Get your first look at Legacies season 3, which premieres Thursday, Jan. 21, in the promo above.

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