Return to the small town of Mystic Falls and the supernatural world of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals by catching up on their spinoff show Legacies. The cast, creators, and writers of  The CW's fantasy drama appeared on Entertainment Weekly's Quick Binge and offered their takes on the best episodes to watch if you're getting into the show for the first time.

Actor Quincy Fouse, who plays Milton Greasley, recommended season 1 episode 11, "We're Gonna Need a Spotlight", as a good place to start. "I'm doing flips and stuff, we got Kaylee singing, dancing, all that stuff." Show creator Julie Plec nodded her head laughing, and agreed. "You basically never need to have watched the show ever in order to enjoy the talent show."

Actor Chris Lee, who plays Kaleb, suggested season 1 episode 13, "The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do." "I think what it does is ties in the air of The Vampire Diaries really well, and The Originals with Legacies. I think it's a good trifecta energy for the show. I think everybody can enjoy that, and it was directed by Paul Wesley."

Actress Jenny Boyd who stars as Lizzie Saltzman recommended two different episodes if you're looking for more lighthearted fare. "You should check out one of the two football episodes. That's either season 1 episode 2, or season 2 episode 3, if you just want to skip the whole first season. You know, why not? It's a lot of fun."

Watch the clip above to hear the rest of the cast's thoughts on the best episodes newcomers should binge.

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