Laura Benanti, who's been impersonating Melania Trump for four years, gives a musical sendoff to the First Lady.

By Nick Romano
January 19, 2021 at 09:00 AM EST

In 2016, Broadway star Laura Benanti appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as Melania Trump, after the First Lady appeared to steal lines from a speech delivered by former First Lady Michelle Obama. Since then, we've had four glorious years of Benania spoofing just about everything the real Trump had doled out. On the night before Trump's final day in the White House, Benania returned to deliver a musical sendoff, complete with a big ol' "f--- off" from New York City itself.

Stephen Colbert's team filmed Benanti as Trump in Times Square as she twirled and sang about "the be best-est city on earth," "the city that never sleeps… with a porn star who lies to you about it." "It makes me feel, which is something I don't normally do," Benania said.

Benanti, reminding us all just for fun what an amazing singer she is even with a Trump accent, channeled the opening song from Beauty and the Beast as "colorful characters" like a Times Square Elmo, pizza delivery guy, construction worker, and a street sketch artist shared their thoughts about Trump to her face. A lot of "you suck" ensued.

After finally realizing that even New York City doesn't care for her, Benanti-as-Melania came up with an unsettling conclusion. "Will I have to move back with my husband, who I loathe?" she sang.

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