By Nick Romano
April 03, 2020 at 11:11 AM EDT

Everyone is still adapting to life in quarantine these days, but we're seeing the transition in real time for the hosts of late-night television. The Jimmys (Kimmel and Fallon), Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, and the rest have begun producing their respective shows from the comfort of their own homes, but that comes with certain logistical challenges. Technical issues, virtual interviews, remote concerts, and overcharged children bring their own set of issues, but also their own entertainment in these trying times.

Entertainment Weekly will unpack this new era of late night more in-depth starting Monday, with the launch of our new Quibi show, Last Night's Late Night. Hosted by Heather Gardner, the daily recap series will highlight the smartest monologues, best interviews, and must-see sketches from the previous evening's slate of late-night shows. (Download Quibi here.) But for now, here are some of the best moments to happen on late night since this all began.

Late-night MVPs: Jimmy Fallon's kids

It's unclear how Fallon survived his own kids while trying to record the earlier at-home segments of The Tonight Show while his wife, Nancy Juvonen, held the camera, but he did it. During his opening monologue on one of his first home studio attempts, Fallon's daughter Frances stood back and giggled as her strawberry-covered sister Winnie climbed over her dad like a jungle gym, highlighting the unique stress of parenting during self-isolation. Without The Roots to play off of, though, Fallon found himself his new stand-ins.

Samuel L. Jackson said "Stay the F— Home"

The Marvel movie star teamed up with children's book author Adam Mansbach to express a poignant message to all those hoping to go about their days as usual during the coronavirus pandemic: "Stay the f--- at home!" It also happens to be the title of Mansbach's new poetic story that Jackson dramatically read aloud on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Daniel Radcliffe shows off his LEGOs

Colbert demonstrated all the technical issues that can arise when his crew members try to operate from various remote locations. Technical issues abounded when the host attempted a video interview with Daniel Radcliffe, but it became lighthearted fare to watch them all try to troubleshoot the problem live. Once it was all settled and done, Radcliffe was so excited to show Colbert his LEGOs — and is there a purer form of joy than that?

Samantha Bee embraces survival mode

Bee ready for the apocalypse, like Samantha Bee, who continues filming Full Frontal from her wooden home. Part of that entailed gathering and chopping her own wood because the end times are nigh. "If there's one takeaway from the videos the other late-night hosts put out, is that they have incredible homes. But I can do you one better," she said. "I have got a woodshed."

Dua Lip-ing into virtual concerts

James Corden continued the tradition of having musicians perform songs on late-night shows with a series of virtual concerts put on by various artists on The Late Late Show. Dua Lipa, to mark the drop of her Future Nostalgia album, recorded herself singing her single "Don't Start Now," while other backup dancers and band mates recorded their parts separately. They then edited it all together for a bop of a performance. BTS, John Legend, and the cast of Broadway's Dear Evan Hansen also contributed numbers to the series. More of this, please.

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