See the trailers for season 2 of Gabrielle Union and Jessica's Alba's Bad Boys spin-off and season 1 of Mark Strong's Temple.


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Season 2 of Bad Boys spin-off L.A.'s Finest was originally set to premiere on June 8, but Spectrum made the last minute decision to indefinitely delay the return as powerful protests began around the country over police brutality following the murder of George Floyd. Now, with many wondering how cop shows move forward in a new environment, L.A.'s Finest's sophomore installment is finally ready to test the waters.

In addition to the exclusive debut of the new trailer, which can be seen above, EW can reveal that Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba's series is set to release all 13 episodes on Sept. 9. This marks a departure from the previous weekly rollout.

September will be a big month for L.A.'s Finest considering the series will also make its broadcast premiere Sept. 21 when Fox begins airing season 1.

Speaking to EW in April for the launch of the original season 2 trailer, Union and Alba shared what to expect from the new episodes.

"Luckily, by the time we started plotting the second season, we’d gotten some of the feedback from Spectrum viewers who had watched the show, and just kind of saw what they loved, some areas that we could improve," said Union. "And we just wanted to kick off season 2 with more: more comedy, more action, juicy mysteries to solve, up the ante on our crimes of the week, and really try to include the whole cast a little more in season 2 and give a little bit more of a backstory for the other characters."

EW can also reveal that the British series Temple, which stars Mark Strong (Kick-Ass, Kingsman), will premiere Oct. 26 on Spectrum. Adapted from the critically acclaimed Norwegian drama Valkyrien, Temple stars Strong as Daniel Milton, a brilliant but haunted surgeon who opens an illegal clinic in the tunnels beneath a London subway station. As his work attracts the attention of the criminal underworld, he finds himself fighting for love — and his life.

“Daniel is an intricate and complicated character," Strong tells EW. "Superficially he’s a successful surgeon with a very comfortable life, but when a disease suddenly puts his wife in a coma, he goes to extreme lengths — all of which are done with the best of intentions — to save her. His actions question the limits and lengths we will go to for someone we love. Temple provided not only a richly complex character to play, but also an opportunity to step into the role of executive producer alongside my wife [Liza Marshall]. It has been so valuable for me as an actor to be involved in the writing and casting, and to get to experience that whole behind the scenes world that actors don’t often get to have a voice in."

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