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From alternate universes to serving justice as law enforcement to gut-wrenching heartbreak, Lance Reddick has played it all. And in the latest edition of EW's Quick Binge, the actor shares his picks of essential episodes to get you hooked on a few shows he's appeared in over his iconic career, like Fringe, The Wire, and Bosch.

Reddick played Lt. Cedric Daniels in the critically-acclaimed drama The Wire, and to kick things off, he picks the very first episode of the series, "The Target," for anyone looking to get into the HBO show about the drug business in Baltimore.

"The Wire I would say just start at the beginning," Reddick says. "It's one of those shows where because it is laid out like five sections of a novel, you really should start at the beginning so I would say season 1 episode 1. I will say season 2 is where it really starts to cook." Another episode of The Wire that Reddick highlights is season 2 episode 3, "Hot Shots," because of what it means for his character.

Moving on to Fringe, the sci-fi action series in which he played Phillip Broyles, Reddick recommends starting with season 4 episode 11, "Making Angels," because of the pivotal Astrid (Jasika Nicole) storyline in that hour. "It's a great episode, it really brought tears to my eyes," he says. "It's my favorite episode of the entire series. Jasika plays the hell out of that character."

And with Amazon Prime Video's Bosch in which he played Chief Irvin Irving, Reddick suggests queuing up season 5 episode 1's "Two Kinds of Truth" because it kicks off an "exciting" undercover arc for the series. "It really gives you a taste for what the series is with its multiple storylines and Titus Welliver just kicking ass as Bosch," Reddick says.

He also picks season 2 episode 6, "Heart Attack," because "in that particular episode, I can't give spoilers but let's just say something happens with someone who is very close to" his character. That episode is an integral part of his character's series arc and is a can't-miss for any fans.

So get to binge-watching and enjoy Reddick's curated picks!

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Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv)
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