The 'Sex and City' actress hosts a new kind of dating show, where a woman is introduced to 15 eligible dad-chelors, hoping to start a family.
Credit: Jace Downs/FOX

Just when you thought dating shows couldn't get any more troubling outrageous...

Welcome to the world, Labor of Love! The new Fox series, hosted by Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, follows one unlucky-in-love lady who, at 41, finds herself still single but ready to embark on motherhood. Fed up with meeting men who either don't want a family or consider her too old to start one, former Bachelor contestant Kristy Katzmann heads to Georgia (natch), where a house full of 15 eligible dad-chelors are waiting to woo and ultimately impregnate her. Yeesh.

"I'm willing to take this unconventional path to parenthood because I feel like I get a story that's better than one I could've ever written for myself," Kristy says in an exclusive clip, before Davis shows up with a peach pie to share her own story. "I certainly found myself in this predicament myself because I worked my entire thirties," she tells the would-be-mamma, while Kirsty shares that she knows she could do motherhood alone, but would rather have someone with whom to share the experience.

She doesn't have to wait long to start the, um, sharing because Davis has organized a southern soiree (her words, not mine) to get to know the guys that very night.

Can a televised "southern soiree" get wild enough to set Kristy on the road to motherhood immediately? Watch Labor of Love when it premieres May 21 to find out.

Watch the clip above.

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