In a new ABC News for Hulu docuseries, the actress looks back on the 45-year mystery, as investigators and authorities reopen the case to find the killer.

In the summer of 1977, three young girls were murdered at an Oklahoma sleepaway camp. The tragedy led to a 45-year mystery and left Tony- and Emmy-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth haunted for decades to come.

Now, Chenoweth is returning to Oklahoma "to find answers once and for all" in ABC News Studios' Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders, which debuts May 24 on Hulu. The true-crime docuseries dives into the many unknowns of the case, how authorities are still making discoveries decades later, and the aftermath with the victims' families.

An Oklahoma native herself, the Schmigadoon actress was set to join her fellow Girl Scouts at Camp Scott that night.

"I should have been on that trip, but I had gotten sick. My mom said, 'You can't go,'" Chenoweth explains in the trailer, above. "It has stuck with me my whole life. I could have been one of them."

Now using technology that didn't exist in the '70s, investigators have examined the evidence left from the incident to address the unanswered questions of the case. Interviews with the acquitted suspect's counsel, a camp counselor, and the sheriff who reopened the case reveal details about the night's events.

"This is a story I wish I never had to tell," Chenoweth says. "It haunts me every day, but this story needs to be told."

The four-part docuseries premieres May 24 on Hulu. Watch the exclusive trailer above.

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