Watch the spoof on Days of Our Lives with a little bit of 'The Californians' from Saturday Night Live thrown in.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the longest days of our lives.

Jimmy Fallon, still finding new ways to entertain his audience while filming The Tonight Show from home, created a Days of Our Lives spoof that's inspired by the quarantine. It's called "The Longest Days of Our Lives," and it features performances by Saturday Night Live alums and two of the best Golden Globe presenters of all time, Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell.

Fallon plays Winston, a man who's about to find out a big "juicy secret" from his girlfriend Vanessa (Wiig). She's been cheating on him with his brother — even though everyone's in quarantine and social distancing from each other. "It was through, like, Skype or something, yes," she says. But, no, Vanessa didn't cheat with Winston's brother Alejandro (Ferrell), nor was with his "long-lost other brother" Montgomery (also Ferrell). It was with "another other brother" Fontaine (yup, that was Ferrell, too).

The whole thing is done in the style of "The Californians" SNL sketches, which saw Wiig and the cast channeling over-the-top West Coast accents, dramatically gasping directly into the camera, and looking at themselves in the mirror. "The Longest Days of Our Lives" even features the same dramatic music when all three gasp.

The clip made EW's Best Bite of the Night on the Last Night's Late Night Quibi show for Ferrell ducking down from the video chat camera to switch characters, Fallon and Wiig breaking during the sketch, and all the self-slapping that had to happen since you can't quite slap each other through screens.

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