"It's so fun to be scared," she said... before immediately regretting her words.

If the final season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show is proving anything, it's that the host is making sure her guests have memorable last appearances. But while Kim Kardashian has dropped by the show several times over the years, Thursday's episode might be seared into the reality star's brain forever.

And that's all thanks to a cameo from a certain eight-legged creature.

"Honestly, my favorite, favorite memory has to be when you scared my mom," the oldest Kardashian told DeGeneres, who shared a clip from Halloween 2018 in which Kris Jenner was so caught off guard by someone popping out of a set piece that she physically tripped and fell over. "I always dreamed of being scared like that."

But while she admitted, "It's so fun to be scared," Kardashian also warned DeGeneres not to try any of her patented stunts on her. And technically, DeGeneres didn't. She did, however, offer to help Kardashian get over her biggest fear: spiders.

"No. We're not. We're absolutely not... you're not doing this to me," the star protested, immediately getting up and backing away as DeGeneres brought out a plastic container containing the arachnid. "I'm never going to get over it!"

Ellen Scares Kim Kardashian
Ellen scares Kim Kardashian with a 'spider.'
| Credit: EllenTube

Intent on proving her point, Kardashian beelined away from the stage as DeGeneres tried to show off the spider. "We've been through this before! I don't care," the star bluntly proclaimed. "I don't care to get over my fear — I don't care!"

Kardashian's breaking point came when the host innocently asked if she'd be okay if she held the spider — which she proceeded to pretend to throw at Kardashian, who screamed and ran off the stage despite DeGeneres admitting that her new friend wasn't even real.

Look, as bad as we feel about seeing someone be forced to confront their deepest phobia, Kardashian said she wanted to be as frightened as her mom...

Be careful what you wish for, Kim.

Watch the video above and see Kardashian's scare at the 3:30 mark.

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